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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Run to the Pub 2018

I'm joining Hoho Runs and Taking the Long Way Home's Weekly Wrap linkup to recap my St. Patrick's Day race. I've been running, but not writing training recaps for a few weeks because I'm not following a plan, continue to have sporadic knee pain and swelling, and honestly my week's aren't exciting. On to the race recap....
Me (black jersey) and the half marathoners who all ran sub 1:38s. Whew.
Run to the Pub took place on March 17, 2018 in Bozeman, Montana. There were two distances: 10k and half marathon. I ran the 10k.

Pre Race
We volunteered for packet stuffing on Thursday and came away with a volunteer t-shirt, beer token for after the race, and some beer and snacks while packet stuffing. We were so efficient that our four hour shift took 45 minutes. Score!

This is a point to point race, so we had to ride buses to the start line. The 10k buses loaded by 9:45 (yay late start!) and we arrived at our destination minutes later. Super easy. The week leading up to RTTP was relatively warm and spring-like, but unfortunately a cold front came in and the race was overcast, 28-33ยบ, and with a strong breeze. (brrrr) In the end, it was great running weather, but it was tough standing at the starting line for 40 minutes trying to stay warm. They said it was the coldest RTTP yet! I felt bad for Alex who wore a t-shirt and shorts.

Since I've been injured (or more specifically, battling runner's knee) I wanted to get a gauge of where I am. I set some loose goals:

A: Under 8:45 pace
B: Under 9:00 pace
C: Under 1 hour

There weren't any pace markers or corrals at the start so I seeded myself honestly and lined up about 25% of the way from the front. Big mistake. 

The course
As soon as the race began I did that little walk/shuffle to the start line. No biggie. It happens. BUT as soon as we turned onto the first road I was immediately stuck behind walkers! Who does that? I spent the first two miles dodging and weaving. People were walking and running several bodies wide and not moving to the side. No one was rude and I certainly didn't yell, "move out of the way!" but it was a little frustrating. On the bright side, I was sufficiently warmed up!
Mile 1 and 2: 9:42, 9:11

I had some knee pain at the start (I blame the cold), but it was out of my mind until it reappeared on the downhills at the end. We turned into a neighborhood for a little horseshoe and I knew the biggest hill of the race was coming. I felt bad for the halfers. They had a 45 minute head start, but merged with the 10kers. Luckily, it sounds like they had an easier time after we got out of the neighborhood and onto a wider road. Next year they should make the half folks stay to the left and the 10k to the right. Anyway! After the neighborhood we tackled the hill and while people walked near me, I kept trucking. Somehow! I suppose I kept running because I know there are two big hills in next month's 10k so I'd better get used to them.
Mile 3: 9:02

The race is mostly downhill after the big hill. I didn't run super fast - it didn't feel fast anyway - but gravity carried me and my miles times were fairly quick for my current level of fitness. By the way, before this race my longest run was 7 miles... with breaks.
Mile 4 and 5: 8:38, 8:38

We crossed a main road at the tail end of mile 5 and I knew we were in the home stretch. Unfortunately, I never realized how long Church Street was until I was running on it! I wanted to stop. I tried to remember, "the faster you run, the faster you're done" but mostly I thought, "I'm so glad I'm not running the half." It was hard but I honestly can't remember how bad it was now. Maybe the post race beer helped?

I knew the course would be short (unless my GPS lied) because we kept crossing mile flags before my watch beeped and as we got closer to the finish I was just under 6 miles. I'm not complaining! I turned the final corner, sped up and passed someone (then got passed by three dudes), and finished. I was tired, but not dead. I recovered in a matter of seconds. Alex says I need to work on "leaving it all out there."
Mile 6: 8:29

This is last year, but it was pretty similar.
Post Race
I met up with Oiselle teammates and said hi to some other folks I recognized, then we cashed in our free beers, grabbed some food at a brunch place, and stuck around to see if we won a trip to Dublin, Ireland (we didn't).

Stats and Thoughts
It was a really fun race with lots of great swag. It could be a PR course if the walking/slower traffic stuck to the right and if it was actually 6.2 miles. (Again, maybe my GPS messed up.) Still kind of bummed about mile 1, but maybe it allowed me to hold on for 6 miles.

Time: 53:40
Pace: 8:40 (on race website), 8:53 (my GPS)
Overall: 528 / 2950 (18%)
Gender: 200 / 1952 (10%)
Age Group: 78 / 634 (12%)

Up Next: I'm running the Tenacious 10 in Seattle in late April (I ran it last year), so I hope to improve my training, keep my knee together, and pick up some speed. The week after I'm going back to Columbus for the Cap City Half (free entry). Probably a crazy idea. We shall see how it goes...

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Review: More Cross Training

Showshoeing in Big Sky

Hola! I'm joining Hoho Runs and Taking the Long Way Home's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

February 5-11
Monday:  TRIBE + 3.3 miles
Tuesday:  3 miles
Wednesday: TRIBE + 2.5 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4.1 miles snowshoeing
Sunday: 8.1 miles bike

On Monday I went to my hour long TRIBE class, did my PT stretches, and followed it up with a short run on the treadmill. I don't remember much... but the run wasn't too bad!

(This is from Saturday)

We got a bunch of snow on Tuesday, so I went outside and ran for 30 minutes with my Yaktrax. I had a little knee pain, but I'm not sure if it was from this run or my longer run last Sunday.

Boo hoo:
Went back to TRIBE on Wednesday and we had a ton of straight crawls and cubs (same side hand/foot move together). It was a tough class, but I had some energy and headed to the treadmill for my first speedwork in a while. I had 9 x 400 at 10k pace and it started out ok, but around mile 2 my knee hurt A LOT. At 2.5 it was so painful I had to stop. The pain was in the kneecap and I wasn't sure if I should power through so I stopped to be safe. It sucked.

I took off Thursday and Friday because of my knee. I may have done my PT stretches, but my focus shifted to work. I saw Peter Rabbit midday Friday after I finished my work. It was funny, but I'll admit I saw it for one of my favorite actors vs a love of Peter Rabbit or animated movies.

Saturday's adventure

On Saturday we went to Big Sky to take advantage of a free night's stay in a condo (someone had the whole week and left a day early). We went out for lunch (and beer), then went snowshoeing on a trail I tried to run last summer. I felt really strong on the uphill (7,900-8,600ft). I thought it was because I was snowshoeing and not running, but Alex was struggling to keep up/breathe, so I think it means I'm in better shape! (TOO BAD I CAN'T RUN.) He was so much faster on the downhill, which was harder for me because of my squirrely ankle and knee. I had some sharp knee pains a few times, but for the most part my legs felt good. We went out for more beer (and cribbage), then watched the Olympics and turned in early-ish at the condo. Lovely mini vacation!

Afterwards. The sun was warm!
On Sunday we drove home and went shopping (so many great deals at Kohls!), then out to lunch. Afterwards we hit the gym. I thought about running, but my knee still hurt at certain angles so I did my PT stretches and went for a 30-minute ride on the stationary bike while watching the luge on the Olympics. I maintained a quick pace (16-17mph) and it didn't hurt my knee. Hooray!

Spoiler alert for next week's recap: I ran today and my knee hurt at first, but the pain stopped about a half mile in when I adjusted on my gait. It still hurts a little bit at certain angles, but I feel like if I keep up with my core and glute work I'll finally be "healed."

.... Right?

Are you watching The Olympics?
See any good movies lately? (new or old)

Monday, February 05, 2018

Weekly Review: Ok, I'm back for real this time

This is from two weeks ago in Yellowstone. I'm cheating. 

Hola! I'm returning after a few weeks off to join Hoho Runs and Taking the Long Way Home's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

January 29 – February 4
Monday:  TRIBE + 2 miles
Tuesday:  PT routine
Wednesday: TRIBE + 2.6 mi
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3.6 mi
Saturday: 4.3 mi
Sunday: 6 mi

Total (running) miles: 18.5 miles
Elevation: 200ft

Another from Yellowstone when my mom was here 

What's new: After my last post my cold lingered and my ankle turned a few shades of purple, so I decided to stick to hiking with my mom (see Yellowstone photos above) until I felt better. My PT appointment (1/25) went well and she said I didn't have to come back. She gave me exercises to do 3x a week (for the rest of my running career) and added single leg squats to help my balance so I don't roll my ankles. I'm really bad at the squats, so I guess progress should be easy to track. Besides that, I've been working a lot to make up for the time my mom was here (worth it!). 

And one more...

On Monday I went to my hour long TRIBE class. It's a low-impact HIIT circuit -- meaning no box jumps, but we still work up a sweat with squats, lunges, push ups, weights, KBs, etc. This is my second "season" (7 weeks) and I can tell I'm in better shape. After class I tried to run on the treadmill, but I was pretty pooped and only made it 2 miles.

On Tuesday I did my PT routine for 30 minutes. Wednesday was another TRIBE class and it was one of the hardest ever. We were all groaning by the end. Afterwards, I hopped on the treadmill and did a 5 min walk/2 mile run/5 min walk. Baby steps, but already better than Monday.

Friday! Looks cold, but it was actually warm.
I took Thursday off to finish a ton of work and went on a warm run Friday afternoon and overdressed. It got tough about halfway and my mile times were all over the place, but it was so nice to be outside and not on the treadmill.

Alex and I went to the gym Saturday so he could lift weights and I– once again– hopped on the treadmill. I've never spent so much time on a treadmill and it has nothing to do with the weather. (Honestly, I find Montana winter more pleasant than Ohio.) The run was pretty good. I had to walk after mile 2 (probably more mental than anything. I watch the numbers tick up.), but after my walk break I ran 1:00 fast / 1:00 easy for another 20 minutes, then took a walk break cool down. Pretty solid workout.

Sunday WAS cold.
On Sunday, my friend Wendie came over and we ran 6 miles. It was super slippery for the first and last miles, but we got it done without falling (a miracle!). Afterwards we went to brunch to celebrate. We're both getting back to "high" mileage and this was our kickoff week.

All-in-all a decent return week. My next race is in mid March and I hope to be close to where I was before we moved to Bozeman. I think I may even follow a training plan! It's been so long, I almost forget what following a plan feels like. I'm in better shape strength-wise, so I hope it translates to my running as I build mileage.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekly Review: Busy and sick

Headwaters State Park on Saturday

Hola! I'm a little late joining Hoho Runs and Taking the Long Way Home's Weekly Wrap linkup, but make sure to welcome Wendy as a new host if you haven't already! 

January 8 – 14
Monday: PT homework (stretching)
Tuesday: PT homework
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 1.4 mi hike
Friday: 3.1 mi
Saturday: 4.4 mi run + 2 mi hike
Sunday: Rest

Total (running) miles: 7.5 miles
Total (walkingmiles: 3.4 miles

I didn't do much on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because I aggrivated my right knee running too fast last Sunday. I also had to clean the house before my mom came to visit. She's in town for the next two weeks, so I've been trying to think of fun things for us to do.

I ended up skipping Monday's TRIBE (gym) class for an all-hands-on-deck work emergency and Wednesday's because it was my mom's first morning in town. On Monday night Alex and I went to a pre-registration party for The Rut Mountain Series, which includes a vertical kilometer, 11k, 28k, and 50k in Big Sky, Montana. Alex and I signed up for the 11k. The race is Labor Day weekend.

My mom and I went out for a jaunt around downtown on Thursday. We had a nice brunch, went to the library, and then went to a nearby rec area for a quick snowy hike.

A bit icy
On Friday I finally went out for my first run of the week. My knee was bothering me after the aforementioned too speedy run on Sunday, but I probably didn't need to take off three days. It hurt a bit during mile 1, but by mile 3 it was ok as long as I kept my cadence up (per PT instruction).

Middle of Saturday's run
Saturday was a Oiselle meetup. There were only three of us, but it was a great time. We went 4.5 miles (4.4 to Strava- grrr) and guess what? I totally bit it at 3.6. I twisted my ankle. I had to stop for a bit, but I caught up to them after a few minutes. This marks the third time I've rolled an ankle bad enough to bruise since August and second time on my left side. It's getting old! Anyway, I wrapped it and went out for two easy hikes with my mom and Alex.

Oh! I almost forgot! I went to bed Friday with the sniffles and woke up Saturday with a full blown head cold. I powered through during run, brunch, and hikes, but I ended up sleeping (minus an hour for breakfast) until 3:30pm on Sunday! So thankful Alex could take my mom on a nice wintery hike while I rested. I needed it!

Weird week for running and overall health, but really nice in other ways. Have a great week!

Have you ever been sick when you have a visitor?
Ever re-injure the same body part because you didn't do your PT homework? (grrrrr)

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Weekly Review: The Return

Hola! I'm back with Hoho Runs and Taking the Long Way Home's Weekly Wrap linkup. Make sure to welcome Wendy as a new host if you haven't already! 

January 1 – 7
Monday: 3.2 miles
Tuesday: 3.2 mi
Wednesday: TRIBE + 1.4 mi
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Yoga, etc.
Saturday: Fat Ass 10k
Sunday: 4 mi

Total (running) miles: 18.1 miles
Total (walkingelevation: 230 ft

Injury update 
My last weekly update was November 19. Since then I continued my workout class (TRIBE) and it helped build my strength in new ways. But I was still moaning about not running and I gained a little gut. I finally saw a PT and she said I have too much movement in my left knee as a result of hip drop and runner's knee on my right. My homework includes glute exercises and upping my cadence. It seems to be working. Now I have to work on rebuilding my base!

This week
The runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were on a treadmill. (Gross.) Now that we have a gym membership I thought I'd take advantage so I could work on my cadence training without worrying about slipping on snow. Plus, Alex wanted to work out and drove me. ;) I maintained a 168-171 which is right in my PT's target. At first, I listened to a metronome, but now I just sneak glances at my Garmin. Much less annoying!

Wednesday was a tough TRIBE class after a week off. It was a tough circuit but I had way more energy than normal and I can finally do push ups! Six or seven weeks ago I could barely do knee pushups. It was great to finally see progress. Perhaps getting back to running helped?

I took a full rest day Thursday and did 4 short yoga videos and some kettle ball work on Friday. The yoga videos are part of a 30 day challenge from Do You Yoga. So far, so good!

Run friends. It was a heatwave. I overdressed!

Saturday was an informal "race" with the Big Sky Wind Drinkers. Officially it's the Fat Ass 50k, but I did two loops for a 10k. The trail was snowy and pretty slippery. I ended up taking it slow and joined friends for the second loop. The group is so friendly. I would have run farther if the course was easier to run on. Maybe next year!

I ran in capris!
On Sunday I ran my first solo outdoor run in a bajillion years. I ran a fast 4 miles and it was hard, but also great. Luckily, I had to wait for traffic in a few spots, so I got some rests!

Did you freeze this week? Montana wasn't too bad.
Ever have PT homework? 

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