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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Weekly Review: Zero Miles

From Saturday's hike

Hola! I'm back with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

November 13 – November 19
Monday: TRIBE
Tuesday: Jasyoga
Wednesday: TRIBE
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Jasyoga + Dirty Dozen
Saturday: 4mi hiking
Sunday: TRIBE + rowing + dog walk

Total (running) miles: 0 miles
Total (walking) miles: 4.75 miles
Total (walkingelevation: 1,086 ft

Injury update 
I didn't run AT ALL this week hoping my legs would feel 100% healed. Well, the right leg feels fine, but now my left knee hurts in a new place (on the side). I've been putting off a PT visit; making excuses, trying to heal myself, etc. I don't want to go but, guys, I think it's time. I have a friend training for a January marathon who needs a long run partner and I really want to join her. So tomorrow I'll make the first step towards getting this dumb thing figured out. I think. Yeah. Maybe?

On Monday and Wednesday I officially started TRIBE at my new gym (I did a preview last week). I felt like I wanted to pass out near the end of the second round on Monday (even stopped for a bit) and on Wednesday I struggled with push-ups on my sore arms, but overall it was a great experience. There was an extra class Sunday to take place of next Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it went pretty well. I really love the small class size (you can't hide bad form!) and the instructor.

Second short hike on Saturday

Besides TRIBE I did a bunch of Jasyoga and some short, icy hikes and beer drinking on Saturday.

At least I can hike!

If I don't run next week I'll probably skip the weekly recap because my runs are where I take most of my scenic photos... and honestly I'm not really making any progress I care to track. Love the new workout class, but it's not particularly riviting to recount. I guess we'll see.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekly Review: I Joined a Gym

Saturday afternoon - not as cold as it looks (I swear)

Happy Monday! I'm back with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

November 6 – November 12
Monday: Bootcamp + .9 mi running
Tuesday: Jasyoga
Wednesday: TRIBE + Brew Run
Thursday: Jasyoga + shoveling
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3 mi Oiselle run + 1.3 mi dog walk + 1.2 mi cemetery walk
Sunday: 6.1 mi run

Total (combo) miles: 15.1 mi
Total elevation: 527 ft

Injury update 
Still RICE-ing, though not as often as last week. I've been consistently cross training and stretching. I still have some pain in my hamstrings, but can't figure out if it's from my new activities or the original injury. Silly, I know. I talked to my PT friend and she said to keep stretching and taking it easy with running.

On Monday I went to the gym for a trial class. I got a membership after the TRIBE preview class for Megan and Phil a few weeks ago. Monday's trial class was supposed to be TRIBE, but in my confused state I went to bootcamp instead. (I saw someone I knew and assumed we were going the same place. Whoops.) Oh well, I still got an hour-long workout with bursts of running. I felt pretty good after.

On Tuesday I did 15 minutes of Jasyoga. My legs were TIGHT.

Part of the workout (on the board). 
Wednesday morning I went to the correct gym class for my TRIBE preview (try before you commit). I felt really good most of way, but got tired during the last sequence. It's a small class so the instructor came over to help me with my form. This was my third group class ever, so I needed all the help I could get! We used kettle balls, weights, and a thing called a ViPR. Fun stuff.

Wednesday night was the free monthly beer run. It was dark and snowy, but it was at Lockhorn cider, which is a nice, cozy place. Amazingly, Alex stayed with me! We ran in a pack with some others and I had such a good time. The trail was a snowy wonderland and the cider after was great.

Lazy dog
Thursday was pretty boring. I did some stretches and we went to our favorite happy hour for a burger, beer, and a free tasting. My legs were suuuuuper sore after Wednesday's workout (lots of squats).

Alex had Friday off for Veteran's Day so I worked in the morning while he went snowshoeing, then we went to Bridger Brewing for lunch and ran some errands. I took an epsom bath because of my raging DOMS. We finished the night with Wonder Woman, which I really enjoyed!

Missing one in the photo, but it was a nice group!
I woke up early Saturday morning for a Oiselle Montana team run. We had a pretty good turnout! We ran 3 miles and because it snowed overnight, the trail snow was pretty deep so we took it nice and slow. We followed the run with a nice breakfast. We're going to make this a monthly thing (open to non-O runners, too), though it looks like next month's run is the same day as a local 5k...

Sunset (looking east) from the cemetery

Alex and I went out to watch the OSU / Michigan State game, then came home and gave Tobias a walk. It was such a lovely day that after we ran errands Alex suggested we walk around the cemetery close to downtown. We wandered around until we came across a large Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. Perfect timing for the holiday.

Sunday morning miles

I woke up early again Sunday to run with Leanne and Wendie. My legs were feeling better and I know rest is best, but I hadn't run with Leanne in ages and wanted to get out with her. We ran on a long dirt road and the views were amazing. Plus, no traffic. I've been looking for a good long run location without cars, mountains, or bears and I think this may be it!

It was so nice to run farther than 3 miles. I'm going to continue to take it easy through November, but I will add a few more runs per week (assuming my hamstring agrees).

Monday, November 06, 2017

Weekly Review: SNOW + More Rest

From Sunday. We got a little bit of snow this week... 
Happy Daylight Saving! Just kidding because I kind of hate it. I loved that extra hour of sleep and feeling like an early riser, but come 5:00pm it's just so sad! Anyway! I'm back with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

October 30 – November 5
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Jasyoga Dynamic Hamstring
Thursday: shoveling + 1 mi hike
Friday: 3 mi run, Jasyoga Run Reset + Legs up the wall
Saturday: shoveling + 3.2 mi run
Sunday: 1.8 mi hike + LUTW

Total (combo) miles: 9 mi [insert sobbing emoji]
Total elevation: 226 ft

Injury update 
I've been RICE-ing up a storm and it's hard not to feel sad about not running. I did get out for a few hikes and runs this week, but I tried to supplement those miles with lots of stretching and more RICE. I have soreness in my knees and hamstrings today, but didn't at the end of last week. Grrrr.

I took off Monday and Tuesday and don't remember a single thing I did. Maybe I finished some books? Definitely did work...

I was rooting for the Astros.
I had to wake up at 4am to take Alex to the airport Wednesday. I went back to bed at 4:45 for a power nap and it must have worked because Wednesday ended up being my most productive work day. I worked up until the middle of the World Series game, then did the 30 minute Jasyoga Dynamic Hamstring video. It hurt a lot in some positions, so I was pretty sure my hamstrings were still unhappy and needed more rest.

Really from Saturday, but shoveling is shoveling. 
Thursday was my birthday and it was weird without Alex. Luckily, friends and family sent gifts, flowers, and well wishes so I had a nice day. There was already some snow on the ground Wednesday, but we got more so I shoveled our driveway. I'm going to count it as "cross training" because my abs and shoulders were sore. Afterwards, I went out for my free Starbucks drink and to run around town. I ended up walking around Peet's Hill at sunset and enjoying Bozeman...

Sled hill by my house.

There was more snow Friday and I knew I wanted to run after work. I put on my yaktrax and went out for 3 miles. Our neighborhood sidewalks were mostly clear, so I tried to stick to trails to avoid the click-clack of yaktrax on pavement.

I take a lot of photos here.

I woke up to a winter wonderland Saturday morning. I shoveled for AN HOUR and I was sore in all sorts of weird places. I read a book, lounged around, then went out for a run when the clouds parted (so I could see the mountains). It was a glorious run, but very slow. I ended up walking a bit because the snow was so high.

Cherry River

Alex got back Saturday night, so we had a leisurely morning, then went out for a short Sunday hike. We were originally going to snowshoe, but I was afraid of getting too sore and he was jet-lagged. We did just under 2 miles at Cherry River, which is my favorite place to take out-of-towners who want an easy hike and mountain views. Afterwards we went to two breweries and the library, made dinner, and watched a movie. Lazy Sunday!

Trying samples at Mountains Walking brewery
My legs hurt after the two days of running, but I can't tell if it's the injury or if I made different muscles sore while shoveling and running in deep snow. I think there is some lingering injury pain. I wish I could ignore it.

(I'm going to assume no), but is it snowing where you are? 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekly Review: Injury, forced cross training, & Run for Your Life 5k

Ousel Falls on Monday
Happy almost Halloween! I'm joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

October 23 – October 29
Monday: 7.8 miles (hike, some running)
Tuesday: 1.5 mi (walk)
Wednesday: 3 mi (run) + 1 mi (walk)
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 1 hour circuit workout + stretching
Sunday: Run for Your Life 5k

Total (combo) miles: 16.4 mi
Total elevation: 2,185 ft

Injury update 
I mentioned last week that I had some swelling on the back of my knee. I had an informal chat with a PT and she said it isn't a Baker's cyst or anything spooky. The swelling is at my knee/hamstring connection and is potentially hamstring tendonitis. Prescription: RICE. She suggested some stretches and told me not to run far. If it doesn't get better by midweek I'm going to visit her office.

Looking downstream from Ousel Falls
Alex took off Monday, so I followed suit (yay work from home) and we went to Big Sky for a 2 mile hike at Ousel Falls. It was a bit icy in one section, but otherwise it's a nice, developed trail with a lovely waterfall (at top). Afterward we went to a brewery for samples, then another for lunch.

Lava Lake - the sun was very bright if you can't tell. ;)

On our way back to Bozeman we decided to stop at Lava Lake. I've hike it once before, but Alex hadn't. We had a time crunch: Alex had to be home for a meeting at 6pm. It was 2 something and we had almost 6 miles to go and a 40 minute drive home. We kept a pretty quick pace on the rocky climb up (~1,600ft). We took some photos at the lake, turned around and ran the flat parts down. We made it home with time to spare. Not bad.

On Tuesday my knees were still bothering me (I wore knee supports most of last week), so I skipped a run and we took Tobias out on a 1.5 mile walk. He had a blast.

Fields burning in the distance (controlled burn)
The weather was so lovely on Wednesday I couldn't resist a run, so I went out after work for 3 miles. My legs hurt after, but it felt so good to be running. AHHHH. Torture! We did another dog walk near sunset, so I got to try out reflective gear.

Thursday was more rest, ice, and compression to make up for Wednesday's run.... plus a dinner out with a beer tasting. Friday was another day off to rest up for Saturday and Sunday.

What a turnout!
On Saturday we went to Alex's gym (soon to be mine) for a circuit style workout. One of my Oiselle teammates was diagnosed with breast cancer – mere months after her husband was diagnosed with MS – and the workout was a fundraiser to benefit her family. There were at least 100 people and we were divided into 4 groups and rotated between stations for an hour. We did kettleball swings, planks with dumbbell rows, box jumps, burpees, squats, lunges, crawls, you name it... It was tough. I barely made it through the last 9 minute rotation, but 10 minutes after we were finished I was talking to Megan (teammate) about joining the TRIBE.

Dino onesies from Target were a little too warm for running.
Alex and I were sore after, but it was nothing compared to the soreness on Sunday. We had the Run for Your Life 5k Sunday morning. Before my "injury" I intended to run it fast, but that went out the window. Add in Saturday's workout and my new goal was to run as much as possible.

Stuck in "traffic" with Megan and her unicorn friend, Lindsay
Alex ended up sticking with me and two others. We chatted our way to a 10:30 pace and finished 228 and 229 of 653 participants. I forgot my Garmin, but I'm sure we started slow and got faster. The course was narrow so there was a bottleneck during the first mile, but I didn't mind. It was a fun race with scary characters along the route (example: a scary witch standing in the middle of the trail, guy with a chainsaw in the woods, and a bunch of Disney villains in the "Enchanted Forest"). I met some Oiselle teammates before, we got donuts at the finish, and it was all for a good cause (suicide prevention). I'd definitely run the race again.

Some Oiselle teammates

After the race, Alex and I hobbled around town for brunch and errands, then sat on our butts to watch football, Hell or High Water (excellent movie), and the World Series. I could barely stand up from the couch I was so sore. Heck, I'm still super sore.

Saturday's workout was a killer and unfortunately I can't tell if my original knee pain is gone because everything hurts. On the bright side: my minor injury has led me to alternative workouts and stretching... two things I avoid as much as possible. If I can somehow keep up my strength and stretching I think I can kick this pain and finally get back to running at my full potential. What a weird two months!

Do you go to group workout classes?
Ever had tendonitis? 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Weekly Review: Ailments + Autumn Classic 8k

Tuesday's run
Bit of a delay after taking this Monday off for hiking... Oh well. I'm still joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

October 16 – October 22
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3 mi
Wednesday: 3.1 mi
Thursday: 2.9 mi
Friday: rest
Saturday: Autumn Classic 8k
Sunday: 3 mi hike, 2 mi run

Total miles: 19.4 mi
Total elevation: 1,093 ft running

This past week was ROUGH. I thought I had a stomach ache during last week's Oktoberfest 8k, but nope, it was something bigger that bled into last week. I'd start every run just fine and then by mile 1 I'd have terrible stomach cramps and flu-like muscle aches in my arms and legs. (I was even sore lying in bed.) Feeling powerless during runs sucks. My legs were moving, but I felt sluggish, out of breath, and rundown.

Bozeman had some beautiful weather last week, so despite my crappy body I got outside to enjoy it. Tuesday and Wednesday's runs were mostly uneventful, minus feeling like crud during and after.

Highland Glen

On Thursday I met a Oiselle teammate for a lunch run around Highland Glen. Like clockwork, I was a-ok for the first mile and then I fell apart. It was pretty embarrassing to have it happen in front of someone else (on our first run together) because I had to walk almost half of the remaining two miles, but Jenn was really understanding. This was definitely the worst day of my ailment.

I took Friday off to "prepare" for Saturday's race. I did not want to go, but Hannah mentioned she'd be there so I was looking forward to meeting her in real life. On either Thursday or Friday night I realized my left leg was swollen behind the knee. I Googled it and all sorts of terrifying things came up, but it looked like the trusty RICE method would work.

"Official race photo" from Facebook
I had much more fun at Saturday's Autumn Classic 8k than I anticipated. It was a chilly morning (upper 30s maybe? low 40s? either way I overdressed) and I did, indeed, meet Hannah IRL and we decided to stick together. We ran a 10 minute-ish pace and I probably chatted way too much (I can't help it now that I work from home). I liked the course and my knee felt great.

Forgot to get a photo with Hannah! Also, Alex got 13th place.
Afterwards, Alex and I stuck around for a free beer in our race pint glass and we ate waffles from one of the food trucks. Unfortunately, it got super windy and cold so we bailed. I feel bad because they were trying to raise more money with the after party. I'd definitely run the race again next year. Maybe for an 8k PR? (Or not.) This was my second ever 8k. Kind of odd that #1 and #2 were on back to back weekends...

At the top

Alex and I went for a late afternoon hike on Sunday and the wind was insane. When we got to the top of Drinking Horse we were almost blown away (video).  The trail is pretty short, but we went the "steep" way this time so it was a fun challenge. My knee wasn't bugging me too much, which was nice, but after our adventure I went on a short two mile run and my knees definitely hurt after that. Bummer! Fix one problem (sickness) and another springs up (knees). I think this may be a sign I need to start strength training and stretching...

Have you ever had behind the knee swelling?

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