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Monday, March 01, 2021

2020 Year of Running + 2021 Goals

My Instagram top nine for 2020

Just like 2015201620172018, and 2019 I'm recapping my year of running. I think Courtney stopped her linkup, but I'll steal her questions like last year.

2020 Stats

  • Total running miles: 1,100 miles
  • Elevation: 58,504 ft. (74,137 ft with hiking)
  • In person races: 1
  • Virtual races: 7 (?)

Linkup Questions

Best race experience: Well, I only ran one in person race, so I guess the Palisade Ultra 13.1? I even won my age group! But if I'm honest, it wasn't the best because I had COVID worries (they did an ok job, but this was June when people thought it was kind of "over" in Idaho/MT) and I twisted my ankle really bad at mile 11.3 and had to stop then hobble in. Ouch. Other than that, it was a great race and I'm pretty bummed they aren't hosting it again this year (yep, COVID).  

My favorite virtual race was the Utah Valley Half because I ran the whole thing with my friend Megan who was doing the Grandma's Half Marathon. Our BRF Wendie joined us for the first 8 miles and set up an amazing finish line, complete with a cheer squad and snacks. That was pretty special. 

Virtual 13.1

Best run: My favorite trail this summer was the Shafthouse Trail. Alex and I mostly hiked up, then ran down. We also got lost at the top near Fairy Lake (don't ask... it's not hard to figure out, so I'm not sure how we managed it) and ended up with 15 miles instead of 13. It was a beautiful day, our first time seeing Frazier Lake from above, and our first time to Fairy Lake since we moved here. Beautiful trail, great lunch break at the lake, and Alex had beers waiting in the car at the finish. 

Best new piece of running gear: I bought A LOT of new loungewear this year, but not much new running gear. My new favorite on the run nutrition is Spring Energy. I also love my Salomon Speedcross trail shoes (even though I first got them in 2019). The giant lugs make trail running easier for me. 

Best running advice you’ve received this year: No idea! I wasn't seeking out running advice. 

Most inspirational runner: Des Linden for #runDestober or Keira D'amato for breaking so many of her former PRs. 

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: Well these are my only in person race photos from the year, sooooo.... 

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: I'd love to run Palisades 13.1 again and train for scree (talus). I think I could shave off at least 10 minutes from my time. 

I also enjoyed the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000k. I had to run ~634 miles between May 1 and August 31. That's about 5 miles a day or 36 miles a week. That's a lot of mileage for me! I maxed out at 41 miles one week and felt like a total badass. I did a mixture of runs and hikes, but all of my weekday mileage was from running. GVRAT got me outside nearly every day and encouraged me to explore longer trails with Alex. I'd like to do something like this again, but not GVRAT because of the BLM response

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Making the best of a terrible year. 

Reviewing 2020 Goals

  • 10K PR. NOPE
  • Half PR. NOPE 
  • Keep strength training. YES! Kind of. I quit my gym class (because COVID) and did at home workouts from March-end of Summer. After that, I'd do one or two a month. Not great, but not a complete failure. I signed up for the Peloton app yesterday, so that should help!
  • Keep my knee in check. YES Some pain here and there, but not an issue.
  • Run more trails. YES I went on a couple dozen new to me trails this year (basically went down a list starting in March). I'd say I hiked up, ran down most of them, though some were just long hikes. Regardless, without COVID I probably wouldn't have explored so many new trails.  
  • Speed up. NOPE Definitely slower, but also who cares? It's 2020 and I'm not Keira D'amato

Setting 2021 Goals

WHO KNOWS? I think the first half of 2021 (at least!) will be more of the same, so I hesitate to set any concrete goals. I'd like to... 
  • keep exploring new trails.
  • build endurance and get back to consistent double digit runs.
  • incorporate more cross training / strength training.
  • continue having fun on runs. 

Let's be real: 2020 was a horrible year for the country, but in my privileged position as an introverted person living in a beautiful, rural area with job security and who always works from home, it wasn't that bad. I can say that because no one I know has died from COVID. I am very thankful for my ability to drive 15 minutes and hop onto the side of a mountain. Our summer was filled with beautiful new places, all within a few hours. Yes, it really sucked not being able to go home to see our families, but overall we had it very easy. 

Running allowed me the opportunity to explore new areas, get outside when I needed it the most, and gave me a creative outlet with my constant photo stops. While I missed higher mileage weekend runs, I didn't miss racing. 

How was your 2020? 

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