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Saturday, January 11, 2020


My Instagram top nine for 2019
Just like 201520162017, and 2018 I'm recapping my year of running. I don't think Courtney does her linkup anymore, but I'll steal her questions.

2019 Stats

  • Total running miles: 1,123 miles
  • Elevation: 38,330 ft
  • Races: 8 (?) I didn't really keep track
  • Injury: 0 -- my knee bugs me periodically, but overall I felt a lot better in 2019. 

Linkup Questions

Best race experience: Easy! Chicago Marathon. First marathon, ran 90% with my BRF Wendie, and we had so much Oiselle team support along the course. Chicago is an amazing city and I'm pretty sad I didn't get in for 2020. I probably should have recapped the race...

One of the only official photos with both of us. Man, we were SO HAPPY!  
Best run: One of my favorite solo runs was during the Wulman's CDT 14k. (CDT stands for Continental Divide Trail, by the way.) The race changes direction every other year, so this was my first time going South to North and it was beautiful. The course was pretty runable and I felt like I was flying at times.  It was a great day, overall.

Wulman's: coming into the finish.

Best new piece of running gear: I really like my Salomon hydration vest with squishy bottles. I ended up using a bottle in the side pocket of my shorts during the marathon. I also love my Kara funnel neck, but I don't run in it.

Best running advice you’ve received this year: I have no idea. 2019 was mostly about training for and completing my first marathon. I wanted to get to the start line injury free and I wanted to have a fun race (so that I'd want to do it again someday). I didn't seek out much advice and instead tried to have FUN. Occasionally, I found myself dreading workouts and started taking it one day at a time and not looking ahead on my plan. That helped a ton.

Most inspirational runner: I attended Big Birdcamp in August (it's a Oiselle thing) and got to see Lauren Fleshman and Kara Goucher give a few talks. One of Kara's was a deep dive into her most challenging races and how she overcame difficult times. Lauren consistently keeps it real on on her podcast with her husband Jesse. I love their approach to Work, Play, and Love.

With Kara on the last day of camp. // Dancing with Lauren. 
Favorite picture from a run or race this year: I love this photo. I was waving to Alex and his sister Erin and asking for a new water bottle. There's a sillier story to the photo, but I'll tell you in person sometime...

About 13 miles in. Still loving life.

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: Chicago, obviously. But since I can't do that this year, I'll say Run to the Pub. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with Megan this year, but I'd like to knock off at least 1 minute!

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? An absolute blast.

Reviewing 2019 Goals

  • 5K PRAll miles under 7:55. NOPE. 2019 was not a speedy year.
  • Half PR. NOPE. I only ran one and my priorities were elsewhere.   
  • Finally run a full. YEP! 4:39 in case you're wondering. Looking back, I think I could've gone a little bit faster, but I hit a wall and enjoyed a few shots of beer. ;)   
  • Keep strength training. YEP. I'm still in TRIBE. 
  • Avoid injury. YEP. Some minor knee pain, but I can usually get it to go away.
  • Do hard things. KIND OF. I ran a marathon and did long midweek runs, but I did not seek out hills. I used Chicago's flat profile as an excuse to train on the flattest land possible. I also avoided trails because I was afraid I'd hurt myself. 

Set 2020 Goals

  • 10K PR. I have one chance at Run to the Pub in two months. Can I do it?? 
  • Half PR. I don't know if I really want this, but I'd love to hit the PR gong in Utah.   
  • Keep strength training. I'm just gonna keep this on here because I may quit TRIBE after next season and I need a replacement! 
  • Keep my knee in check. 
  • Run more trails. I've signed up for 3 trail races so far –including a train half marathon in Idaho– and I'm eyeing a 30k in the fall. 
  • Speed up. Overall, I'm slower compared to this same time last year, which has me a bit scared for RTTP. I'm also a little heavier. Not a big deal, but holiday eating and drinking really caught up with me this year and it's affected my motivation. Whoops! 

2019 was a great year for training and pushing my weekly distance. I loved preparing for a full marathon, but I don't think I'm going to sign up for one this year unless it feels right. I will miss Chicago, but I don't think a charity entry is for me (I'm a terrible fundraiser). Instead, I'd like to concentrate on speed and trails. I'm not sure these two things usually go together, but I'm hoping more challenging routes will encourage me to push myself in flat races. Maybe I need a coach.... I definitely need some motivation! [She types as she avoids her Saturday "long run" of 7 miles.]   

How was your 2019? Does anyone even read this blog anymore? ;) 

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  1. Are you looking at Yellowstone City 30K? I really liked that one overall. And it's really mellow elevation change compared to most races around here.


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