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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Weekly Review: The Return

Hola! I'm back with Hoho Runs and Taking the Long Way Home's Weekly Wrap linkup. Make sure to welcome Wendy as a new host if you haven't already! 

January 1 – 7
Monday: 3.2 miles
Tuesday: 3.2 mi
Wednesday: TRIBE + 1.4 mi
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Yoga, etc.
Saturday: Fat Ass 10k
Sunday: 4 mi

Total (running) miles: 18.1 miles
Total (walkingelevation: 230 ft

Injury update 
My last weekly update was November 19. Since then I continued my workout class (TRIBE) and it helped build my strength in new ways. But I was still moaning about not running and I gained a little gut. I finally saw a PT and she said I have too much movement in my left knee as a result of hip drop and runner's knee on my right. My homework includes glute exercises and upping my cadence. It seems to be working. Now I have to work on rebuilding my base!

This week
The runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were on a treadmill. (Gross.) Now that we have a gym membership I thought I'd take advantage so I could work on my cadence training without worrying about slipping on snow. Plus, Alex wanted to work out and drove me. ;) I maintained a 168-171 which is right in my PT's target. At first, I listened to a metronome, but now I just sneak glances at my Garmin. Much less annoying!

Wednesday was a tough TRIBE class after a week off. It was a tough circuit but I had way more energy than normal and I can finally do push ups! Six or seven weeks ago I could barely do knee pushups. It was great to finally see progress. Perhaps getting back to running helped?

I took a full rest day Thursday and did 4 short yoga videos and some kettle ball work on Friday. The yoga videos are part of a 30 day challenge from Do You Yoga. So far, so good!

Run friends. It was a heatwave. I overdressed!

Saturday was an informal "race" with the Big Sky Wind Drinkers. Officially it's the Fat Ass 50k, but I did two loops for a 10k. The trail was snowy and pretty slippery. I ended up taking it slow and joined friends for the second loop. The group is so friendly. I would have run farther if the course was easier to run on. Maybe next year!

I ran in capris!
On Sunday I ran my first solo outdoor run in a bajillion years. I ran a fast 4 miles and it was hard, but also great. Luckily, I had to wait for traffic in a few spots, so I got some rests!

Did you freeze this week? Montana wasn't too bad.
Ever have PT homework? 


  1. Looks so nice there! Hell yeah, we froze! Thankfully, we are thawing out.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I'm currently doing PT homework for my hand/arm and it only takes like 15 minutes a day but ugh, it is so boring. I'd rather spend 15 more minutes running :P

    1. I skipped my PT homework two days in a row then tripped and rolled my ankle. I think it was a sign. :(

  3. Capris? Well, I guess you are used to the cold weather! LOL. Congrats on the solo outdoor run. I know it felt fantastic. I have been given PT homework and I still incorporate some of the exercises into my regular strengthening routine. Thanks for linking!

    1. We had a random warm day so I wore those capris -- but there was still snow on the ground. I need to keep up my PT homework!!

  4. I will have to check out those yoga challenge videos! I do not always have time to get to class and yoga does a body good for sure. Nice to connect with you from the Weekly Wrap

    1. The yoga videos are great because they're so short. I've favorited a few to remind myself to go back to them when I'm in need -- especially ones re: back exercises and posture!

  5. Total agreement with your comment about all those treadmill runs ("gross"). ;-) My treadmill does not get much love from me. Coming back from injury is a tough journey, but your attitude sounds awesome!!

    1. I really need to buckle down and run farther than 3 miles on a treadmill! Luckily, it's been decent outside, but the treadmill is better for my cadence training. (wah!) :)

  6. I really admire how you've really invested in the Bozeman running community, and it sounds like it's paying off with some great friendships! - Katie Bangs


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