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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekly Review: Busy and sick

Headwaters State Park on Saturday

Hola! I'm a little late joining Hoho Runs and Taking the Long Way Home's Weekly Wrap linkup, but make sure to welcome Wendy as a new host if you haven't already! 

January 8 – 14
Monday: PT homework (stretching)
Tuesday: PT homework
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 1.4 mi hike
Friday: 3.1 mi
Saturday: 4.4 mi run + 2 mi hike
Sunday: Rest

Total (running) miles: 7.5 miles
Total (walkingmiles: 3.4 miles

I didn't do much on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because I aggrivated my right knee running too fast last Sunday. I also had to clean the house before my mom came to visit. She's in town for the next two weeks, so I've been trying to think of fun things for us to do.

I ended up skipping Monday's TRIBE (gym) class for an all-hands-on-deck work emergency and Wednesday's because it was my mom's first morning in town. On Monday night Alex and I went to a pre-registration party for The Rut Mountain Series, which includes a vertical kilometer, 11k, 28k, and 50k in Big Sky, Montana. Alex and I signed up for the 11k. The race is Labor Day weekend.

My mom and I went out for a jaunt around downtown on Thursday. We had a nice brunch, went to the library, and then went to a nearby rec area for a quick snowy hike.

A bit icy
On Friday I finally went out for my first run of the week. My knee was bothering me after the aforementioned too speedy run on Sunday, but I probably didn't need to take off three days. It hurt a bit during mile 1, but by mile 3 it was ok as long as I kept my cadence up (per PT instruction).

Middle of Saturday's run
Saturday was a Oiselle meetup. There were only three of us, but it was a great time. We went 4.5 miles (4.4 to Strava- grrr) and guess what? I totally bit it at 3.6. I twisted my ankle. I had to stop for a bit, but I caught up to them after a few minutes. This marks the third time I've rolled an ankle bad enough to bruise since August and second time on my left side. It's getting old! Anyway, I wrapped it and went out for two easy hikes with my mom and Alex.

Oh! I almost forgot! I went to bed Friday with the sniffles and woke up Saturday with a full blown head cold. I powered through during run, brunch, and hikes, but I ended up sleeping (minus an hour for breakfast) until 3:30pm on Sunday! So thankful Alex could take my mom on a nice wintery hike while I rested. I needed it!

Weird week for running and overall health, but really nice in other ways. Have a great week!

Have you ever been sick when you have a visitor?
Ever re-injure the same body part because you didn't do your PT homework? (grrrrr)


  1. So sorry to hear that you rolled your ankle--again! Don't blame yourself, those ligaments get weak and more prone to reinjury. So It's just really bad luck. Hopefully you'll be back on the trails quickly!

  2. Yes I often reinjure the same body part! I am stubborn that way. Hope you have a better week. Can't beat those gorgeous views though!

  3. How cool your Mom will be in town for two weeks. I hope your head cold will be short lived so you can do all the tourist-y type things. And yes, I keep blowing up the tendon in my right ankle and practically live in an ankle brace for support. I think I've figured out what I'm doing to aggravate it though...knock on wood. Thanks for linking!

  4. That old crusty snow is rough on ankles - I've definitely almost rolled one more than once, but I've been lucky so far. Hope yours heals soon!

  5. Thats frustrating that you keep rolling your ankle! I hope you feel better quickly so you can spend time with your mom!


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