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Monday, February 05, 2018

Weekly Review: Ok, I'm back for real this time

This is from two weeks ago in Yellowstone. I'm cheating. 

Hola! I'm returning after a few weeks off to join Hoho Runs and Taking the Long Way Home's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

January 29 – February 4
Monday:  TRIBE + 2 miles
Tuesday:  PT routine
Wednesday: TRIBE + 2.6 mi
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3.6 mi
Saturday: 4.3 mi
Sunday: 6 mi

Total (running) miles: 18.5 miles
Elevation: 200ft

Another from Yellowstone when my mom was here 

What's new: After my last post my cold lingered and my ankle turned a few shades of purple, so I decided to stick to hiking with my mom (see Yellowstone photos above) until I felt better. My PT appointment (1/25) went well and she said I didn't have to come back. She gave me exercises to do 3x a week (for the rest of my running career) and added single leg squats to help my balance so I don't roll my ankles. I'm really bad at the squats, so I guess progress should be easy to track. Besides that, I've been working a lot to make up for the time my mom was here (worth it!). 

And one more...

On Monday I went to my hour long TRIBE class. It's a low-impact HIIT circuit -- meaning no box jumps, but we still work up a sweat with squats, lunges, push ups, weights, KBs, etc. This is my second "season" (7 weeks) and I can tell I'm in better shape. After class I tried to run on the treadmill, but I was pretty pooped and only made it 2 miles.

On Tuesday I did my PT routine for 30 minutes. Wednesday was another TRIBE class and it was one of the hardest ever. We were all groaning by the end. Afterwards, I hopped on the treadmill and did a 5 min walk/2 mile run/5 min walk. Baby steps, but already better than Monday.

Friday! Looks cold, but it was actually warm.
I took Thursday off to finish a ton of work and went on a warm run Friday afternoon and overdressed. It got tough about halfway and my mile times were all over the place, but it was so nice to be outside and not on the treadmill.

Alex and I went to the gym Saturday so he could lift weights and I– once again– hopped on the treadmill. I've never spent so much time on a treadmill and it has nothing to do with the weather. (Honestly, I find Montana winter more pleasant than Ohio.) The run was pretty good. I had to walk after mile 2 (probably more mental than anything. I watch the numbers tick up.), but after my walk break I ran 1:00 fast / 1:00 easy for another 20 minutes, then took a walk break cool down. Pretty solid workout.

Sunday WAS cold.
On Sunday, my friend Wendie came over and we ran 6 miles. It was super slippery for the first and last miles, but we got it done without falling (a miracle!). Afterwards we went to brunch to celebrate. We're both getting back to "high" mileage and this was our kickoff week.

All-in-all a decent return week. My next race is in mid March and I hope to be close to where I was before we moved to Bozeman. I think I may even follow a training plan! It's been so long, I almost forget what following a plan feels like. I'm in better shape strength-wise, so I hope it translates to my running as I build mileage.


  1. Nice job with your runs this week! Looks like its cold there (but also really pretty). Glad you were able to enjoy some outdoor miles without slipping too much:)

    1. Thanks! It was a little cold last week, but not too terrible. The sunshine helps so much :)

  2. Happy to hear that you are back on track! I am just loving your scenery. I know it's cold but it's so pretty!

    1. Thank you! I love the snow. Making winter seem like it's going so much faster.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of Yellowstone! I'm glad you enjoyed your Mom's visit. My ankles are a weak area, so it wouldn't hurt to add those single leg squats into my routine. Your running mileage will return quickly and your strength training will definitely pay off. Thanks for linking!

    1. Single leg squats are no joke! I'm finally getting better at them and hope I can consistently run pain free soon!

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  5. I need to decide (soon) if I'm doing Run to the Pub this year. 10K sounds like a long distance right now!

    1. I hear you. I keep wondering if I'll even be able to run it all next month! I'm volunteering for packet stuffing the Thursday before, so if I completely crash and burn at least I'll have that... ;)


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