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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Week 3: June 27-July 3

This week's sky shot from Friday. Ominous!

Happy Tuesday! I'm running behind this week, but still linking up with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for another weekly review. Read more about my fall goal race & training plan here

Week of June 27-July 3
Monday: rest + walk to work (w2w)
Tuesday: rest + w2w
Wednesday: 4.7 mi speed work  + w2w
Thursday: 3.2 mi + w2w
Friday: 2 mi
Saturday: 5 mi
Sunday: Worthington Hills Firecracker 5k [recap]

Weekly Total: 18 miles
2016 Total: 508.22 miles

Milestones this week
  1. First 5-day week (and my legs were feeling it by Sunday!)
  2. First hill workout of the cycle. 
  3. I crossed 500 miles for 2016! For reference, I ran 550 miles in 2014 and 800 in 2015, so crossing 500 halfway through 2016 is pretty cool. Especially since June was (and will be) my lowest milage month (48.6 miles).
Monday and Tuesday were rest days and I was raring to go for Wednesday's speed work. I read the workout (1 mi warm up, 8 x 300m hill repeats, 1 mi cool down) and didn't think it sounded too bad. HAHA It was terrible! It was in full sun and the hill felt like it wouldn't quit. On top of that, I fell on repeat 1 because some crazy drivers played chicken next to our group. I got distracted watching them get within inches of one another (no joke) and tripped into someone. We both fell, I hopped back up, apologized, assured everyone I was okay, and continued on. It was tough to keep going with the heat, the fall, and honestly, I ate too much hummus before and felt real nasty. But my running friends kept my spirits high and got me through it. Even with my slow run/walk down the hill my overall pace was 9:23 and I stayed between 7:00-9:00 on the ascent. I'll take it!

A video posted by Fleet Feet Columbus (@fleetfeetcolumbus) on

I hurt my finger on the fall, so I put it in a splint Wednesday thru Thursday and wore it to a group run at the running store closest to my house. I wasn't wild about the group three weeks ago, but I gave it another shot and enjoyed it this time. We went way faster than I wanted to, but it was also a mile less than my plan (which called for an easy 4), so I didn't feel bad going faster. It was a special run, too, and I got a free t-shirt and beer after! No beer next week, but at least I know I like the group enough to go back.

Friday was a before-work solo run and like a total goober I didn't consult the forecast and got caught in a complete downpour at mile 1.5. I was going to keep running, but a few tenths later lightning started so I ran home. I saw another runner and we gave each other the "what are we doing? just kidding, this is great" look. You know that look, right?

America bagel
Saturday was my normal training group run. I was so happy it was only 5 miles because my legs were so tired as we finished on a 150ft hill (over a mile). Once again, I latched on to a running friend (Jake) and hauled my butt up that hill. Then I ate a red, white, and blue bagel because... America.

Post 3rd of July 5k

We ran the Worthington Hills Firecracker 5k on Sunday [recap]. The rest of our holiday weekend consisted of napping, running, laundry, eating, watching the track and field trials, and catching up on Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and John Oliver. Lazy weekend!

Did you watch any of the Olympic Track & Field Trials? (The women's 800 final was brutal!)
How'd you spend your holiday weekend? 


  1. No holiday weekend here, ours is July 14th and we will have 2 days off. So A 4 day weekend, I am counting the days until next week. LOVE the bagel. In my recent run in the US we had rainbow colored bagels. How do they do that ?
    I would have been shaken up by a fall... good for you to knock out the rest of your work out.

    1. I'm going to keep my eyes out for more colored bagels. I bet there were some rainbow ones at Pride in Columbus a few weeks ago. Very fun and I'm glad they didn't taste gross. ;)
      The fall was so embarrassing and I felt bad bringing someone down with me. Everyone was so nice about it and told me to shake it off, so I followed their advice!

  2. Looks like a great week of training! Hill workouts are brutal but sound a lot more fun with a group. Sorry to hear about the fall though!

  3. That bagel is downright pretty. I'm sorry to hear about your fall. I'm glad you weren't hurt seriously -- hoping that finger is OK now! Those crazy drivers make me so mad! I've dealt with them in halfs where the road was not closed. I guess they think it's funny. NOT. Also, congrats on the 5k pace. I think that was awesome for summer running! Thanks for linking with us Elizabeth.

  4. Few friends? Wow that's some group run! Ha love the patriotic bagel!
    I enjoyed a long holiday weekend at the beach and for July 4th we went to a baseball game and met the coolest older man! He can impersonate Hank Williams Sr. to a tee too! :)


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