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Sunday, March 06, 2016

ORRRC Half Training Week 1

Was this our last true week of winter...?
Welcome to another Weekly Review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. I'm training for the ORRRC Half on April 10. Read more about my race here

Week of February 29 - March 6

: 3 miles, 9:24 pace
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 1.25 miles (AM) + 5.4 miles (PM speed work)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3 miles, 8:54 pace
Saturday: 6 miles, 9:43 pace
Sunday: 10 miles, 9:01 pace

Total: 28.6 miles
2016 total: 222.48 miles

Part of Monday's run
I had a silly start to the week. Monday was kind of crappy at work for Alex and I, so when he suggested happy hour I jumped at the chance. But I still needed 4 miles... Luckily happy hour/dinner didn't run too late so I got out to run at 6 pm. Unfortunately, I only got in 3 miles before dark. It was hilly and rough, but I did it. I do not recommend drinking a beer before running. Obviously.

I planned to run 2 or 3 miles before work Wednesday to test out my new Altras (review coming), but I only made it 1.25 miles before calling it quits. Later in the day my friend and I decided to go to speed work with my running group. It was my first time and I was nervous, but I felt like I did a great job with the workout: 1 mile warm up, 6 x 800 (goal: 7:56 pace), 1 mile cool down. It was cold and dark (we had headlamps), but I hit my paces and then some. Even with my fast (to me) times, there were a ton of reeeeaaaalllly speedy folks there. Maybe some motivation?

Before speed work Wednesday
I ran 3 miles before work on Friday. Once again, I tried my Altras. There was snow on the ground (see photos at top of post) but not on the roads or sidewalks. I felt very slow. My pace looked good, but I stopped several times throughout the run to catch my breath. I don't think it's related to the shoes... I think I need to re-learn how to be a before-work runner!

On Saturday I met up with Oiselle teammates for a run and brunch. There were supposed to be more of us, but I guess winter is a tough time to get folks together. In the end, we only had three in our group, but we kept a nice pace and chatted for 6 miles. (We forgot to take photos!) Afterwards I found out one of them (who said she was slow) had a BQ! Anywho, I was able to talk and run at paces between 9:20 and 9:50, which isn't something I could do six months ago. Progress! It has me considering a pace group change in my normal running group, but I really love my running buddies.

I wore all the colors I could on Sunday's run.

We went to a party Saturday night and I had a ton of great food and some red wine (I won the blind taste test!), so I didn't get up when I intended to on Sunday. Luckily, Alex wasn't in a hurry so we hung around for a bit, then headed about 20 miles away to a section of the Ohio to Erie / Camp Chase Trail. Alex biked along as I ran 10 miles. I stopped a handful of times to take off my jacket, grab a gel, and take photos of horses and trains, but overall it was a really solid run. I tried to go slower per my plan (10:00-10:50), but miles 5 thru 8 and mile 10 were in the 8s. I'm not sure I can maintain an 8:30 pace in a real race (without stopping), but it made me feel more confident going into next month's half.

By the way, we made friends with some horses around mile 4:

A video posted by Elizabeth Nordquest (@lizzard214) on

I'm a much stronger runner in 20-50 degrees. Next week will be 60-70 and I'm unsure what paces to expect now that I'm faster than last summer. I'm going to speed work again on Wednesday, so we shall see how it goes.

What's your perfect running weather?
Is there a good trail system where you live? Any fun animal sightings?
Are you excited to "spring forward" next Sunday? 


  1. You had a strong training week. That's a great speedwork pace! I run much better in 45-50 with low humidity (more important than temps in my book). I don't have a good trail system, but the road behind our neighborhood is quite rural. I can check on the sheep and donkeys when I run there. Thanks for linking with us Elizabeth.

    1. Humidity is so important! I should amend my weather statements. We have great trails in Columbus, but most require a drive. I live in an urban area, which means lots of street crossings and traffic. I enjoy getting away from it on the weekends!

  2. Nice job, Elizabeth! I have never really run with a group b/c there isn't one that's close to our house and I've always felt intimidated by the speed factor. I bet you fit right in and hopefully you'll be more comfortable in the future. :) -C

    1. My group is great on the weekends because there are 20 different pace groups (I'm not kidding!). When I joined three years ago they said speed work wasn't for beginners and now I see why! Even though I was at the back of the pack, everyone was nice and it was fun to watch people jet by at a 5 minute pace!

  3. Sounds like you are making progress. Doesn't it feel great ?
    I NEVER would have run after a beer. I don't know how you did that :)

    1. I don't know how people race "beer miles." Ughhhh. No thank you. Progress does feel good! I have to remember that when I have a tough run.

  4. Humidity does seem to more apparent down here than actual temps. It looks like a good week for you, love the sunrise pictures. I haven't run immediately after a drink but I have run races after drinking the night before. I almost want to say it helps me but I really think it's the fact that I'm more comfortable with the race if I'm drinking the night before.

    1. I used to abstain from drinking before a race, but now it's part of my carb load routine. :) Usually means we went to a fun dinner the night before or took a tour of the area. I agree with you - I'm more comfortable, too.

  5. You had a great week - glad you are seeing progress with your running. So nice Alex often bikes with you while you run :)

    1. He always wants me to go on bike rides, but I like running better haha ... compromise! ;)


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