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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Product Review: Altra Provision 2.5

As an ambassador for the Broke Man's Half Marathon I was given the opportunity to try some Altra Running shoes. I chose the Provision 2.5 ($120, altrarunning.com).
The Provision 2.5 in blue / teal
Both road runners and trail runners love Altras, so I was eager to give them a shot. They are a young company and started small, but in a short time they have built a solid community that truly believe in their products. Altras are famous for their Zero Drop™ technology which "promotes proper form to reduce initial impact." (Read more here.) The shoes are also known for their wide toe box which allows the toes to relax, while encouraging stability. No more cramped toes!

Why I choose the Provision 2.5
The Provision 2.5™ is a stability shoe with moderate cushioning for runners that want improved form with "supportive features of a traditional stability shoe." I overpronate like crazy and my normal road running shoes (Saucony Omnis) have a giant stacked heel and a mildly-orthopedic aesthetic. I was excited to try something supportive without the huge profile.

Test Runs
Altra recommends easing into distance when switching to their shoes. I knew I'd still use my Sauconys for long runs, but I wanted the Provisions to become my secondary training shoe. Following their instructions, I started small and went on a mile run around my neighborhood. I expected my feet and legs to feel weird, but they felt the same as normal. My next run was a 3 miler. I kept a decent pace and by the end I could tell my feet had more room to spread out. My most challenging run was a fast 4 miler a few days later that didn't go very well. I stopped about a mile in due to a pain in my lower leg. I re-tied my shoes to tighten them up and continued. Around mile 2.5 I felt a tightness behind my knee. It wasn't terrible and I was able to finish the run, but the slight pain lingered for a day or two.

Altra's transition plan
I'd finally encountered my Altra transition period. They have a great guide on their website for dealing with the switch. Post run, I decided not to rush into my new shoes. My next half marathon is coming up, so I'm into my higher mileage and bringing my Altras out about two times a week for short runs. Because of my need for super support and stability, I'm going to continue to follow Altra's six week transition schedule.

I'm also obsessed with this Altra buff
The Verdict
I love the extra space in the toe box and they are really nice looking shoes that can be worn out and about. If I continue to have issues I may add a Superfeet insole (which I have in my normal shoes), but I think everything will work itself out. My shorter, slower runs have been pain-free and I can tell the Provisions are much lighter. I plan to use them for a short trail race in April and hope they will make me look like a legit trail runner.

Bonus Review
My husband, who won the Broke Man's Winter Warm Up 3.5 miler, got a pair of Altras with his prize. He's a speedy neutral runner who prefers short distances and hasn't had any issues with his Superior 2.0s.

Have you tried Altras?

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