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Monday, February 08, 2016

POSTPONED??!! Training Week 14

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Welcome to another Weekly Review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. My training cycle used to focus on the Paradise Coast Half Marathon on February 14, but... MY GOAL RACE WAS POSTPONED.

Since I'm not from Florida, the race is over for me. They gave us three options (none of which included a refund). 1. Come back in April, 2. transfer to another Elite Event (in Florida), and 3. Run a virtual race and submit your GPS map to get your shirt and medal. 

I'm pretty bummed. First off, this is my second canceled out-of-state half. At least I got to run part of the other one! Second, even if I melted during this race, I probably would have done relatively well. My training has been super consistent. I looked for another race the same weekend, but the only one is on the other side of the state and $110. 

I got the email on Friday while out with friends. They weren't runner friends so they didn't really get it. Luckily my mom and friend Tricia have helped me get over it a bit. What I've realized? I like having a goal and right now I feel directionless. What do I train for this week? I have a run on February 21, but it's as support. I suppose this week I'll enjoy my vacation, cross Day 100 of my run streak, then reevaluate where I am. And I'll also stalk the Naples course while we're down there to see where the problem is!

My best photo of the week.
Week of Feb 1-7

: 1 mile, 8:34
Tuesday: 1 mile, 7:47
Wednesday: 2 miles, 8:21 pace
Thursday: 5 miles, 8:52 pace
Friday: 1.1 mile, 8:41
Saturday: 6 miles, 10:39 pace
Sunday: 3 miles, 8:36 pace

Weekly total: 19.2 miles
This cycle: 333.7 miles
Streak day: 99 (!)

This week's taper was pretty good. I ran my Monday 5 last Sunday, so I had more 1 mile streak days than normal. My old Saucony Omnis were toast, so I switched over to a new pair and Superfeet insoles. My mid-week 5 miler on Thursday was pretty great and I went to Franklin Park to soak in the nice weather on Wednesday and Sunday. I ran with Alex on Wednesday and felt pretty tired/terrible, but on Sunday he brought the dog so I was able to run alone. I was upset about the race, so I ran with the goal of enjoying myself and had a strong progression run (8:44, 8:38, 8:25).

Some of my favorite things (nuun and popcorn)
Besides running, I spent a lot of time dining out. Tacos, Polynesian, pizza, and lots of drinks. I also saw a free showing of The Choice, finished a great book, started a pretty epic puzzle, and watched some Switched at Birth (exciting!).

I have to credit Mar's #14daysofself for getting me off my phone/computer and motivating me to surround myself with my favorite people, things, and activities. It's been a lovely reminder.

We leave for Tampa and Naples in two days. I'm still sad about the race, but I'm very excited for sunshine and relaxation!

Have you ever had a race postponed or canceled?
Would you run the 13.1 on the day of the race? (If I find a long bike path I may do this. Of course, if I happened to PR it wouldn't count!)


  1. Oh no. That's just wrong. I'm sorry. I've had to DNS races because of injury, but haven't had one cancelled (or post-poned).

    1. Thank you for understand! :) It's so frustrating!!

  2. Oh no I'm so sorry you had to experience this again! No refund either? I hate that! That I can remember I never had this happen to me, especially at a bigger race! Why would you say your PR wouldn't count, it would so count! I think that is what I would do. How far away was this race, did you have to fly? I'm having the very same Nuun as I type right now! Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. The race was pretty far since we're in Ohio. We took two flights to get here. Luckily Ohio weather is terrible right now (-1, wind and snow) and Naples is 75+, so we're really enjoying our time away! :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this! This really stinks! All the runners who have been training for months must feel like the rug has been pulled out from under them. I'd probably opt for the other race, even though it's across the state -- especially if I had been training hard. Florida is not very wide! LOL. If I was planning to run for run, I'd just let it go. I hope you enjoy your trip. Thanks for linking with us Elizabeth.

    1. I feel really bad for the marathoners. They've trained so hard! I would have done the other race if we weren't meeting up with my parents. My husband is flexible, but I didn't want to bring 2 other people into the decision, so we're staying put for the week. I'll probably run another 13.1 in March or April. Such a weird situation!

  4. Wow, that's awful! Will they at least let you transfer your bib to another participant on the date it gets rescheduled for? Personally, I'd probably ditch the 13.1 unless I was dying for some kind of time trial or fitness gauge.. but then again I'm not really into "virtual" races. Maybe you can find another goal race within the next few weeks, and then just get another long training run in this weekend.

    1. I think I'm going to use a training run as my "virtual" submission to get it over with. Blargh. I don't like virtual runs either because they feel like buying a medal, but the race organizers STILL haven't picked a date for the make up race and I just want to be done with it. So bummed because it looked like a pretty (and flat) course! I'm looking for something in March or April before it gets too hot. We'll see what happens!


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