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Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday Five: Five Things February

Naples Pier  [source]

Welcome to another Friday Five with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia. Today's topic is Fitness, but I'll go with a general Five Things Friday as I don't have any fitness wisdom to impart this week.

1. Travel
We leave next week for our trip to Florida! Alex and I will be in Tampa for a few days and then my mom and step dad will scoop us up on their way from Gulf Shores to take us to Naples where I'll be running the Paradise Coast Half. I've found some amazing things to do (my Pinterest board). I'm looking forward to sunshine, warmth, and relaxation, but I'm dreading a hot race.

2. Books
I won the book Letters to Rachel by R.W. Mitchell on Goodreads last month.  From what I can tell it's self-published. I'm about 70% thru and it's fantastic! It's a modern-day story of a British woman living in Barcelona told through back-and-forth letters. I'm a complete Anglophile so I feel right at home with the British slang and cultural references. It's a light read and the characters are so fun. It's also making me want to take up letter writing, which I haven't done consistently since college.

3. Packed Schedule 
My February calendar is officially packed. Chelsea (Pittsburgh City Girl) contacted me yesterday about Warm Up For Boston. It's the day after the Fight for Air Climb and one week after PC, so my legs might be dead, but I'm looking forward to joining her for some laps during her 26 miler. Not running for time, just running for company and fun. Also, how cute is the penguin medal?

Last year's medals for PC and FFAC and this year's WUFB penguin.

4. Dog
Tobias has been pretty cute this week. Here's a photo from this morning of him staying warm under a blanket... while sitting on my work stuff.

5. Wishlist
Oiselle came out with some new things for Spring and I have a wish list a mile long. I also need gels and Nuun like whoa. I bought a Nuun multipack and all I've got left is orange and it's just ok...

(Apparently I like blue and black)

That's all for this week!  Be sure to visit the host's blogs to read more about this week's fitness theme (Stay Safe During Winter RunsCost Effective Fitness in DC, and Five Race Distances and What’s To Like About Them).


  1. I think every runner has a wish list. Lululemon is my addiction and they seem to come out with cute new stuff nearly every week. And lately Lilly Pulitzer has had some adorable workout wear too! We are also headed to sunny Florida and I can't wait.

    1. I'm so excited for Florida. Have a great trip! It's so nice to get away during winter, even if it's a relatively mild one.

  2. I have a huge run wish list too. You are not alone in that.


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