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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Race Recap: Run 4 the Health of It 4 Miler

We're in this photo, I swear. R12 Photos

The Run 4 the Health of It 4 Miler took place on Labor Day (Monday, September 7) at 9:00am in Westerville, Ohio. [Race Information]

Some swag and the race shirt
Alex and I arrived early to grab our packets. There were indoor bathrooms and vendors were setting up. Every single table was giving something away. We did a lap before the race, but only grabbed two things, figuring we'd come back after the run.

There was an MC, some former Ohio State football players, and a fitness instructor on hand to get the crowd pumped up. The crowd was a mix of serious runners and families. There were some announcements, the national anthem, then it was time to line up and head out. I was closer to the speedy people than I intended, but I knew I could move to the right as soon as we took off.

It was a scorcher and I'd just run 12 (ok...11.5) miles on Saturday, so my goals were conservative:

Beat previous 4 mile PR of 36:17 (9:04 min/mile)
Run the whole thing without melting

The course
The Race
I got passed by a bunch of people during the first half mile, but I stayed out of the way on the double-wide bike path. I latched onto a few people running an 8:30 pace. It didn't feel particularly fast, but I doubted my strategy. Should I slow down?

Mile 1 was quick (8:26). I was tired, but I also felt like I was running a good pace. Mile 2 went into a wooded park and had a bunch of twists and turns. I looked down at my watch and saw I was between 9:20 and 9:40. This happened to me on a course in the same park on New Year's. Apparently I don't like turning. We came around a corner and I could see the race leaders on the other side of some bushes. Alex was among them so I hollered and waved. That motivated me to pick up the pace and get back in the 8s.

There was a water stop at Mile 2 and I considered stopping. I was thirsty and my mouth was getting dry, but I really didn't want to stop. From 1.9 to 2.3 we looped a field and it felt long, plus I could see everyone behind me. After that loop, I knew I had to stop for water at the Mile 3.

My Garmin was pinging about one to three tenths after we passed mile markers. I knew the Mile 3 water stop was just around the corner, but we were only up to 2.6 miles. I realized the course was probably short. While that was nice in the moment, I still had a least a mile to go and I was tired. I also had to go to the bathroom so bad! I've never had to pee like that during a race and it lead to a cramp. The last mile was full sun, so hot, and one looooong straightaway until the final turn. I let myself dip down to 9:02/9:03 a few times because I knew I'd beat my PR based on previous mile splits (assuming the course was 4 miles...)

I turned the last corner to the finish and was passed by two tall dudes. Oh well, I was happy to be finished! I sped up for the last two tents (even got into the 7s!) and crossed the line. I finished way earlier than my goal of 36 minutes so 1. I knew the course was short and 2. Alex hadn't returned to the finish line. I went to find him (grabbing swag), then immediately ran to the bathroom. Thankfully, no line!

Post race
We wandered around for a while and collected a bunch of goodies. We grabbed snacks, drinks, pens, bags, desserts, and so much more. This race had a ton of swag and we didn't even touch half of it. On our way out we saw ex-OSU quarterback Craig Krenzel and got his autograph for Alex's dad (on the back of my bib). By the way, this was Alex's first race (and run!) since June and he was still able to finish 26th.

Cheesing after the race
Stats and Final Thoughts
It's been a few days now and I can barely remember how hot it was (74 with 86% humidity according to my Garmin). I wish the course was 4 miles because I would have a new PR!

Final time: 31:59
Overall: 97/559 (17%)
Gender: 36/330 (10.6%)
Age Group: 9/47 (19%)

Final distance: 3.73 miles
Mile splits: 8:26, 8:41, 8:44, 8:27
The race website says my pace was 8:00 (haha, I wish). It was really 8:35, which is very close to my 5k PR. Had I maintained that pace for 4 miles, my new PR would be 34:20. (!!) Phew, now I want to run a full 4 miler and a 5k. I think I am officially getting faster!

Next Up: Indy Women's Half Marathon next Saturday. I know my legs and lungs are ready... but is my brain? Ugh. 

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  1. Uggghhhh... I hate short courses. That stinks, I am so sorry.


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