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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Thing-A-Day 2: easy feather headband

To make this headband you will need:
  • large bird feather (from a craft store, unless you're into torturing birds)
  • headband (I got mine in the dollar section at Target)
  • glue (I like E6000)
  • felt
  • scissors

1. Cut out a piece of felt to go on the back. I cut black felt in a teardrop shape to mimic the felt on the back of this store bought feather.
2. Sandwich your headband between the feather and felt
3. Glue all parts in place (feather to felt with headband in the middle)
4. Hold down felt-to-feather between fingers until everything sticks (or use paper clips)
5. Add more glue to any blank spots
6. Model headband

    My feather sort of matches my hair. I picked out a lighter one at another store, decided not to buy it, then went to a second store and only found one. Oh well. I kind of like it because it's not so "hey there's a bird on my head."


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