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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Weekly Review: October rest + Oktoberfest

At the park by my house

Haha I forgot to hit publish when I wrote this on Monday! FAIL. Anyway, assuming I made the time cut-off, I'm joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

October 9 – October 15
Monday: 4.3 miles
Tuesday: 3 mi
Wednesday: 4 mi
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: Oktoberfest 8k
Sunday: 5 mi

Total running: 21.4 mi
Total elevation: 830 ft running

Monday's run was the best of the week. I ran after work and the weather was beautiful. Blue skies, nice breeze. I stopped a few times for photos (above) and traffic, but otherwise is was a solid run. Honestly I should have run farther because it was so good.

Mt Ellis trail

On Tuesday night Alex and I went back to Lower Mt Ellis for our new hill workout. The mile uphill is still really hard (and I didn't add mileage like I planned because I was so tired), but I cut off 16 seconds on the ascent. My mile descent and my mile on the gravel road were also faster than last week. Progress!

Wednesday's run was tough. I didn't eat or drink enough before and even walked around mile 2.5. The toughest part was the weather. It was hot and super windy. Four police vehicles sped by me at one point. Apparently some criminals were on the loose (some twenty year olds that robbed someone). That was kind of wild. Especially for relatively quiet Bozeman.

I took rest days Thursday and Friday. I needed one, but two was a bit excessive. My plan was to make my tired legs as fresh and ready for Saturday's race. That didn't really work...

On Saturday afternoon we ran the Oktoberfest 8k. I may do a more in-depth recap if we run another 8k this weekend, but lemme just say: I ate something that didn't agree with me before and had terrrrible stomach cramps. I honestly considered dropping about halfway, but instead stopped to remove my long sleeve shirt. I was so tangled up with my headphones, gloves, and bib it took more than a full minute to remove. After that, I latched onto some ladies doing a 10-ish pace and felt fine for a mile. Last .9 was a struggle.  Final time was 44:38 (8:58 pace).

Afterwards, I bundled up.
Afterwards we hung out with the only two people we know in Bozeman (just kidding. Almost.) then had brats and beer. It was cold and breezy (we were sitting next to water), so we didn't stick around for much of the Oktoberfest fun. At least we saw the stein holding competion and one round of log sawing. I felt kind of sketchy the rest of the day, but I had a nice evening.

Photo stop on Sunday. Teepee at the middle school.
Sunday was a lazy day, but I got outside at the warmest part of the day for 5 miles. It started as redemption for Saturday, but after a photo stop (I can't help it!!) and due to the unexpected heat, I stopped my watch at mile 4 and took mile 5 much slower.  It was a nice run, but something felt off. That something is still with me this week, so maybe it'll make its way into my next recap...?

Attempted a selfie on Sunday. Hand shadow fail.
This weekend we watched Bad Moms and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Unexpectedly, I think I enjoyed Bad Moms more...

Do you have any movie recommendations? 
Have you ever quit a race mid-way (not for an injury)?


  1. I have not quit a race mid-way, but when I first started trail running I did a couple races I was SO not prepared for and I definitely thought about quitting...not that you can actually do that in the middle of a trail.

    I think I'm running that 8K this Saturday. Like 90% sure. I should register for it now to force myself to actually go.

    1. Do it! Maybe we can meet in real life. And if you feel like running/chatting (possibly walking) I'm having a weird week and will probably take it pretty easy.

  2. It looks so cold at your race. Does.not.compute. LOL. We only have a few 8ks around here but I like them so much more than a 10k! You had a great sub 9 pace even though you felt off. Thanks for linking!

    1. Bozeman weather is so weird right now. One day it's 30 and the next it's 60 or 70. I guess it's nice to break up a string of chilly days with a warm, sunny one!


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