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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Weekly Review: Ailments + Autumn Classic 8k

Tuesday's run
Bit of a delay after taking this Monday off for hiking... Oh well. I'm still joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

October 16 – October 22
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3 mi
Wednesday: 3.1 mi
Thursday: 2.9 mi
Friday: rest
Saturday: Autumn Classic 8k
Sunday: 3 mi hike, 2 mi run

Total miles: 19.4 mi
Total elevation: 1,093 ft running

This past week was ROUGH. I thought I had a stomach ache during last week's Oktoberfest 8k, but nope, it was something bigger that bled into last week. I'd start every run just fine and then by mile 1 I'd have terrible stomach cramps and flu-like muscle aches in my arms and legs. (I was even sore lying in bed.) Feeling powerless during runs sucks. My legs were moving, but I felt sluggish, out of breath, and rundown.

Bozeman had some beautiful weather last week, so despite my crappy body I got outside to enjoy it. Tuesday and Wednesday's runs were mostly uneventful, minus feeling like crud during and after.

Highland Glen

On Thursday I met a Oiselle teammate for a lunch run around Highland Glen. Like clockwork, I was a-ok for the first mile and then I fell apart. It was pretty embarrassing to have it happen in front of someone else (on our first run together) because I had to walk almost half of the remaining two miles, but Jenn was really understanding. This was definitely the worst day of my ailment.

I took Friday off to "prepare" for Saturday's race. I did not want to go, but Hannah mentioned she'd be there so I was looking forward to meeting her in real life. On either Thursday or Friday night I realized my left leg was swollen behind the knee. I Googled it and all sorts of terrifying things came up, but it looked like the trusty RICE method would work.

"Official race photo" from Facebook
I had much more fun at Saturday's Autumn Classic 8k than I anticipated. It was a chilly morning (upper 30s maybe? low 40s? either way I overdressed) and I did, indeed, meet Hannah IRL and we decided to stick together. We ran a 10 minute-ish pace and I probably chatted way too much (I can't help it now that I work from home). I liked the course and my knee felt great.

Forgot to get a photo with Hannah! Also, Alex got 13th place.
Afterwards, Alex and I stuck around for a free beer in our race pint glass and we ate waffles from one of the food trucks. Unfortunately, it got super windy and cold so we bailed. I feel bad because they were trying to raise more money with the after party. I'd definitely run the race again next year. Maybe for an 8k PR? (Or not.) This was my second ever 8k. Kind of odd that #1 and #2 were on back to back weekends...

At the top

Alex and I went for a late afternoon hike on Sunday and the wind was insane. When we got to the top of Drinking Horse we were almost blown away (video).  The trail is pretty short, but we went the "steep" way this time so it was a fun challenge. My knee wasn't bugging me too much, which was nice, but after our adventure I went on a short two mile run and my knees definitely hurt after that. Bummer! Fix one problem (sickness) and another springs up (knees). I think this may be a sign I need to start strength training and stretching...

Have you ever had behind the knee swelling?


  1. Dr. Google has horrible bedside manners. He is a terrifying man! I hope you are feeling better this week. It's so cool you were able to meet Hannah. I love it when that stuff happens! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the race. But wow, it looks cold! Thanks for linking!

    1. The weather here is nuts. One day it's 60 and the next it's 30-something and frosty. Also so happy to meet blog people in real life!


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