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Monday, October 02, 2017

Weekly Review: Go with the Flow

Sunday's hike. This was a week of great photos!

Happy October! My past two posts have been race recaps, but I'm back today with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup and Courtney's training linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

Septmber 25– October 1
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 3.5 mi
Thursday: 2.8 mi
Friday: 2.3 mi
Saturday: 2.2 mi hike (Kirk Hill, Snowfill Rec Area)
Sunday: 8 mi + 4.4 mi hike (Lower Mount Ellis)

Total running: 19.7 mi
Total elevation: 358 ft running / 1,930 ft hiking

At the beginning of the week I answered a Facebook post asking, "What are you working towards?" with, "I'm going with the flow and running for fun." I was a little bummed earlier this summer that I wasn't in PR shape, but it mattered less and less as I ran new routes with new people. There's always next year. And let's be real, if I ran a 5k or half marathon at sea level I'd probably PR.

Nice sunset clouds (looking east)

Anywho, this week started with a rest after my 16 mile weekend. I was back at it on Tuesday with 3 fast miles chasing the sunset.

Wednesday at the disc golf park

Wednesday was a midday run in beautiful weather. It was a little warm and I felt creaky, but I kept moving (after taking a break or two for photos, of course).

Friday afternoon

Thursday and Friday's runs were under 3 miles and the definition of going with the flow. I tried a new route Thursday, but cut it short because it was pretty warm. On Friday, I went out for a mid afternoon run and wasn't feeling it. Looking back, I was too hungry for a quality run.

A clearing atop Kirk Hill

Saturday was an unintentional day off running. Tobias had a mysterious pain, so we rushed to the vet. He now has some doggy aspirin and seems happy. After the dramatic start, we ran errands, brunched, then went for a short hike at Kirk Hill. We took the long loop, but it was only 1.8 miles. Kirk Hill is a short, steep climb with a nice view and fall colors. We came across an interesting "tree house" in a clearing, which groaned and squeaked in the wind. Kind of creepy.

Dramatic weather change at Snowfill

After Kirk Hill we went to Bozeman's newest brewery, Mountains Walking, for snacks and beer. We then went to Snowfill Rec Area (technically an off-leash dog park) to walk the looped trails, but the clouds rolled in, it started raining, and the temp dropped 20º, so we peaced out after a half mile. The rest of the day was spent by the fire in toasty PJs.

Saturday's run - only let myself stop once for photos

I slept in Sunday, but got out for 8 miles by 8:30am. I wasn't sure I'd run the whole thing, but around mile 3 it started to feel great. I felt like my old self! It was my longest solo run since August 13. The weather was lovely: cool, but sunny. I was pretty tired in the last mile, but finished strong. My ankle hurt after, so I iced and wrapped it.

Lower Mount Ellis was such a good trail with great views. Runnable, too!

Later that afternoon we hiked a new trail: Lower Mount Ellis. We had a rough idea of the route but ended up on a completely different path. (The barbed wire gate for the east fork looked like private property, but I guess it wasn't). I loved the trail, so we'll be back to do the correct fork!

All Trails map on left, ours on right. We went up the middle somehow?
Are the leaves turning in your neck of the woods? 
Do you ever go with the flow or do you need a training plan?


  1. Going with the flow is always so nice. I am enjoying post race running (which is running what I want, when I want :)).

    1. I can tell I'm almost ready for a big goal... but it's nice right now!

  2. Wow! Stunning pictures this week. You are so lucky to be living in a place with such beautiful scenery and nice trails for hiking and running. I'm so glad to hear Tobias was not seriously ill! Oh, I've been going with the flow all year. ;) Thanks for linking!

    1. Montana has been a fun change from Ohio. I can't help but stop and take photos on almost every run. We've been lucky with great fall weather, so no more wildfires which means the mountains are clearer!


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