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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Race Recap: Opera Run 10 Miler

Age group awards
The Opera Run took place Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 9am in Bozeman. There were two distances to choose from: 5k and 10 mile. I ran the 10 mile as a long run replacement.

Pre Race
Last Friday I asked Montana Oiselle Volée what they were up to and Wendie (who I ran with during the Bozeman Half) said I should join her for the Opera Run. Online registration was closed, but I was able to sign up in person an hour before the race. The weather was cold and overcast (~35º), so Wendie and I were bundled up. It is SO much easier for me to run in cold weather and even though it's tough to get motivated to go outside, I love it once I get moving.  

I loved the hand-drawn map. Very well done!

The Race
We listened to the opera singer-led National Anthem and lined up in the back-ish of the pack. Within a few yards we were passed by pretty much everyone. (Bozeman runners! More about that later...)

Since this was in place of her long run, we weren't looking to break any PRs. Alex and I had visitors for two weeks straight, so it was my third run since the half and my only run over 3 miles. Nice to get back to it! We chatted the entire time - much like the half - and enjoyed each other's company. The first mile flew by and soon we were climbing a steady and steep hill.

444ft of climb during this race
After mile 3 we hopped on a trail. From mile 3.3 to 9.5 we were on gravel and dirt. There was a gradual climb from 3.5 to 5.5, but it wasn't too bad. We ate our gels near the first water stop at mile 5 (!! Glad I brought water!), stopped to take some photos of horses, then ran the rest of the way. There were more water stops on the back half of the race (part of the 5k course). At some water stops and intersections we were serenaded by the opera singers. I wish I would have stopped to take a video of the last woman on the Gallagator Trail. She was amazing!

New friends between mile 5 and 6
Between 6 and 7
We passed a few people in the last mile and when we turned into the park with the finish line Wendie told me to pick up the pace if I wanted to. I assumed the finish line was straight ahead (I mean it WAS) so I sped up, only to find we had to turn left and do a loop before we could finish. The last loop was uphill and felt pretty difficult on tired legs. I got close to the lady in front of me, but would've needed another tenth of a mile to catch up and pass her. Next time!

More fun with friends!

Stats and Final Thoughts 
Time: 1:47:30 (10:39 pace)
Overall: 38/45

Minus miles 5 and 6, which were slow due to our gel stop and the horse photo op (#priorities), we maintained a good long run pace. I cannot fathom finishing any Ohio race with a 10:40 pace and finishing almost last. Bozeman be crazy.

Bottom line: Wendie and I had so much more fun on this course than we did during the half. We will both be back next year. I don't mind finishing in the back (someone has to!), so I'd probably run it for fun again next year. It's probably not a PR course and it's a little lonely - no crowd support and very few water stops - but it is beautiful.

The race shirt

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