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Monday, December 26, 2016

ORRRC Week 6: Christmastime

Wednesday's sky
Happy Boxing Day! I'm back with the Weekly Review linkup from Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. I'm training for about a dozen races, but my goal is a half on April 9. You can see my schedule here

Week of December 19-25
Monday: walk to work
Tuesday: 4.1 miles + walk to work
Wednesday: walk to work + 2.3 track miles (#5Weeks2TTC) + 2 miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: 9.3 miles      
Saturday:  4 miles
Sunday: Christmas

Total (running) miles: 21.9 miles
Elevation gain: 256 ft
2016 total: 971 miles

Monday was a much needed rest day as I had a weird pain behind my right knee after last week's long run (stretching helped). Monday was also very boring: I walked to work, I walked back. We had a decent dinner and watched Sons of Anarchy. Very uneventful. Monday was also the coldest day of the week, so it was a good rest day.

I played with the new Instagram Stories stuff on Tuesday.... 
On Tuesday I sat at work alone for over an hour. Where was everyone? During that time I finished a lot, so I was able to leave around 3:30. I walked home, suited up, then ran to the local track to do a #5Weeks2TTC workout. Alas, the track was busy, so I took my run to the street. When Alex got home from work we decided to meet at our favorite bar for Taco Tuesday. It was a solid, progression run, but I wish I'd run farther (I was feeling it). Nevertheless, the happy hour prices were beckoning and I had three fantastic tacos.

One of the best displays
I was able to talk Alex into joining me on Wednesday. We did a #5Weeks2TTC track workout (this week's coach is Shalane Flanagan). The workout: 20 minutes to sprint the straights and jog the curves. It was fairly easy and short, but I felt slow. I didn't sprint as much as run a little bit faster than my jog. After 20 minutes I'd run 2.3 miles. Afterwards we set out for a Christmas light tour. We saw some pretty wild houses. By that point Alex was beat (his knee hurt) so he walked a bit while I rounded up to 2 more miles.

Friday's Loop
I had another rest day Thursday (mainly due to a mini work party and tons of errands) and I moved my long run to Friday before holiday travel. I did a big loop that included two bike trails to avoid traffic. I get a little nervous running these trails because they are normally pretty empty, but it was fine and no one bothered me. I did not feel great during this run, but I got it done.

Gray and slippery run in Ashtabula
On Saturday we were in Alex's hometown (Ashtabula, Ohio) so we ran 3 Christmas Eve miles together and I continued on for another mile. Looking back, I wish I'd run at least 5. I didn't realize I wouldn't have time to run on Sunday (Christmas). Somehow things kept getting pushed back and we had our 3 hour drive home at 5pm, so the day slipped away. There was a portion from 3-4 where I probably could have run, but I decided to stay with everyone and hang out.

From Friday's run in Columbus
I have 29 miles til I hit 1,000 for the year. I didn't think I'd be this close, so I didn't consider trying until about a week ago. 29 miles isn't too crazy for a week, but we have Christmas #2 all day today and I don't want to run far Saturday because we have a race on Sunday. We'll see how it goes...

Happy Holidays!


  1. Good luck getting in that final 29 miles this week! I hope you're successful. :)

    1. Thanks! I already missed another day due to Christmas #2. Hope I can catch up!!

  2. Love the picture with all the snowmen. We don't get any decorations like that in France. I have been enjoying everyone's Xmas decor posts....

    1. Inflatables are so popular this year. I've seen some really odd ones... including a Santa on an ATV that rocked back and forth. Need to get a video of that one before they take it down! ;)

  3. Oh wow, you are so very close to the 1000 mile goal, I sure hope you go for it!

  4. Hope you get your 29 miles! Nice pic of the Christmas light display. It's always fun to see Christmas light displays.

    1. I think I'm going to make it to 1000 by Saturday! I may also need one more Christmas light run before people start taking them down. :)

  5. I hope Santa was good to Tobias! My Mini faithfully checked her stocking every day since we hung it 6 weeks ago. It finally paid off! I love the way you keep tabs on your weekly elevation. I need to look at that. I ran Christmas Eve and planned to run the next day. Like you, the day got away from me. I'm looking forward to getting back in my routine. Thanks for linking, Elizabeth. Good luck hitting the 1000!

    1. Tobias only got a sweater this year because his favorite treats were on backorder! Whoops. We're making up for it. ;) I started tracking elevation this summer and I think it's fun to try and top it week to week.


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