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Monday, December 19, 2016

DIY Inspiration: Fun with pom-poms

A note to newer readers (runners): les plus beauxx started as a craft blog. I lost my crafty way when my full time job became more creative and I didn't need an artsy outlet. While I'm not quite ready to get back to it, I've been hoarding a lot of DIY links to share here. 

Today, I give you easy crafts using pom-poms. Some of the following are step-by-step tutorials, but a few are links to completed projects that can serve as DIY inspiration.

Around the Web
  1. Pom-pom wreath via sewyeah
  2. Pom-pom and bells garland via sewyeah
  3. DIY pom-pom rug via say yes 
  4. Inspiration for yarn pom-pom flowers via Aesthetic Nest
  5. My preferred tutorial for how to make pom-poms via Domestifluff
My own example
Crafting pom-poms provides fantastic stress relief (or at least something to do with your hands while watching Netflix). You can buy a pom maker, but when I borrowed one from my friend I found that I preferred making them following the tutorial in #5 above. 

From our wedding.
I basically ripped off example 4 for our wedding table decorations. We had clear glass wine bottles and I attached my poms to long sticks from our backyard. It was great to have table decorations sorted months before the wedding AND not have to spend extra money on more floral arrangements. Some folks took their centerpieces home, but the rest live in a mason jar on our dining room table as an impromptu floral arrangement that never needs watering.  

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