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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Week 8: August 1- 7 Still hot, but that's ok...

Tried to run here Sunday (Three Creeks Metro Park)
Hellooooo August! I'm linking up with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for another weekly review. Read more about my fall goal race here

Week of July 25-31
Monday: rest + walk to/from work (w2w)
Tuesday: 4 miles + w2w
Wednesday: 4.7 miles speedwork + w2w
Thursday: rest + w2w
Friday: 1.2 miles + w2w
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: 6.1 miles + 3.2 miles walking

Total (Running) Miles: 26 miles
2016 Miles: 595 miles

It's still hot, I'm still running slower, and I'm still having a hard time getting into the running zone, but it's getting better and I have a positive outlook! Week by week I'm adapting to the heat and trying to keep my eye on the prize (glorious fall runs).

Tuesday morning's flower
Monday and Thursday were rest days, but I started my running week off right with a 4 miler before work on Tuesday. Before work!! I'm a morning superstar!! I felt so fantastic knowing that I didn't have to do anything after work.

Wednesday night
On Wednesday I decided to do half of my training group's speedwork exercise on my own (the original was 2.5 miles too long for my plan). The local track was packed with football and soccer kids, so I took it to the [shaded] street. 1 mile warm up, 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1 mile cool down. I didn't read my pace goals before, but I maintained an 8:15 pace during the ladder which is a bit slow, but acceptable for the 6:00pm heat and humidity.

I ran before work Friday, but woke up late and didn't have time for much. I wasn't feeling it and decided to go out for 10 minutes. I felt like I was going lightning fast, but it was an 8:44 pace. Definitely good, but I miss my speedy mile days during last winter's runstreak!

Standing in front of The Horseshoe (Ohio State)
As always, Saturday was my group run. I stayed up late Friday (dinner with friends, watching the opening ceremonies) and even though I woke up before my 5:30 alarm I was dragging. Our group was a lot smaller than normal and my closest run friends were gone, but it worked to my advantage. At the beginning I wasn't sure I'd stay awake for 10 miles, but I made some new buddies and the smaller group size made for a really fun and social run.

Sunday's trail
On Sunday Alex and I tried to go to Three Creeks Metro Park (photo at top) so he could fish while I ran, but we were foiled by a local half marathon! I was given permission to run on the trail, but I would have felt weird, so we went to another park and I hopped onto the newly revamped Alum Creek Trail. Alex couldn't fish, but he had the dog with him and they had a great time walking around. The run itself was nice (9:52, 9:24, 9:19, 9:44, 9:19, 9:00). My legs felt heavy in the beginning but by mile 3-4 I hit my stride. I was happy to be finished, but glad I got out there. Alex took me out for a donut after. Yum. The rest of Sunday: drawing images about truck safety. Yup.

A photo posted by OiselleGreatLakesBirdCampMichi (@oisellegreatlakesbirdcampmi) on

Other than running, work was busy, but we had a low-key week at home. We finished Stranger Things on Netflix (so good), watched the movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (also good, but not a comedy as advertised), and we've watched a few Olympic events. I'm prepping for a trip to Michigan next week for Oiselle Great Lakes Birdcamp. Alex is going with me (he'll be hiking while I'm at camp) and we're stopping in Grand Rapids and Traverse City. Camp is in Glen Arbor near the Sleeping Bear Dunes. I'm excited to run in the park and meet new people, but I'm intimidated by the running pedigree of the ladies attending! They're so fast!

Have you ever gone to camp? I went to band camp in high school...
Any recommendations for things to see/do in Glen Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City? 
What Olympic events do you enjoy? I've enjoyed the cycling road races.


  1. Is that a hibiscus? If so, I've never seen one that color. Nice paces on your six mile run. How fun you'll be going to Oiselle camp. You have no reason to feel intimidated at all! I went to camp in elementary school. I still sing the songs we learned (it's a sickness--LOL). Thanks for linking, Elizabeth.

    1. It is a hibiscus! The bush was predominately purple, but there were a few that seemed more vibrant. Very odd, but pretty! I forgot about elementary camp! I did one, too, and remember a song about a shark... haha

  2. I went to camp every summer as a kid but haven't been since. I'm sure Oiselle Bird Camp will be a blast! Summer running is rough - you're sticking it out at least!

    1. I think it helped for me to (finally) realize the heat isn't going away and I have to deal with it or quit! I'm nervous and excited for camp. I'm naturally an introvert, but can fake being an extrovert. We shall see... ;)

  3. It has been super hot here too and I haven't been feeling it later. At least you are still getting out there doing t, regardless of pace or distance.

    1. It took me about 2 months to convince myself to just run for fun! Last summer was much milder (at least in Ohio).

  4. Someone else told me about Stranger Things. I'm going to have to check that one out! We are almost done with Bloodlines. Great job on your runs this week! Thanks for making our Linkup what it is today!

    1. It was such a good show; fun to watch. We need to find another show to marathon!

  5. Oohhhh camp will be so much fun. You will probably learn a ton. My running has been thrown off schedule with vacation. Will be back on track next week.


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