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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekly Review May 23-29

The brown dots are bison from Sunday's run

I'm linking up with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for my last weekly review of this endless training cycle (it began in November!). I have one more race on my calendar (Clear Creek Trail 10k this Saturday), then it's time to relax and recharge! 

Week of May 23-29
Monday: 3 miles + walk to work
Tuesday: 3 miles + walk to work
Wednesday: 2 mile hill repeats + walk to work
Thursday: rest + walk to work
Friday: 2 miles
Saturday: 13.1, Medina Half Marathon (recap coming)
Sunday: 4 miles, Lisa & Jeff's Wedding Run

Weekly Total: 27 miles
2016 Total: 450.56 miles

After the past few weeks of too much beer/food and burnout, I rediscovered my love of running! I stuck to my training plan, but since I was in taper I didn't have to run more than 3 miles at a time. It was ridiculously hot on my runs, but I tried to take it easy. If I needed a break to catch my breath in the heat I didn't agonize over stopping. It wasn't a perfect week and I'm definitely slower than I was a few months ago, but it's nice to know I get a break during most of June as I start my training plan for fall (more to come on my plan later this week).

Random objects found on my runs this week
I got a jump start on the week by waking up early Monday and running 3 miles before work. It was a solid run and I had negative splits (9:27, 9:12, 9:10). I started listening to a new podcast (Running on Om) and the Devon Yanko episode got me through a few workouts this week. You can tell she's packed full of energy. No wonder she can run 100k and 100 milers!

Tuesday was another bright and early 3 miler. It truly feels amazing to be done with my run before work. I'm going to try and keep it up and I think the earlier sunrise helps. I ran another negative split (9:25, 9;06, 8:58) even though it was pretty steamy. Because I ran before work, Alex and I were able to take advantage of $2 Taco Tuesday for dinner.

My weekly sky shot

For some reason I didn't get up early on Wednesday (boo), so I saved my run for after work with Alex. We didn't stick together because I didn't feel like trying to keep up in the heat (81 degrees!). Instead, I made my prescribed 2 miler a hill workout: .5 mile warm up, 5x hill sprints on a hill that has a 6-12% grade, then a .5 mile cool down. I maintained a good pace on the uphills and felt strong. It was a short workout, but I made the most of it.

Thursday was a rest day, but Friday was another early morning run. It was a 2 miler, but -ughhhh- it was so hot and humid. I ran pretty fast (8:41 pace), but felt icky. I knew Medina was going to be a tough race if conditions were similar. After work, we drove to Medina for packet pickup, then relaxed at the hotel until it was time for bed...

Medina medals are the best medals

Saturday was SO HOT and the Medina Half was a tough one. I'll have all the details in my recap (up as soon as they post race photos). Spoiler alert: I walked due to the heat, but still managed to finish 4 minutes faster than last year. After the race we found a brewery with food (of course!), then drove home to see the dog.

The bride and groom pre-race
On Sunday two friends from my training group hosted a run and picnic to celebrate their wedding. The leaders of the race (including Alex!) got lost and added a mile to the run. Some smart folks turned around at 1.5, but my running buddy Andrea and I kept trucking to the official turn around... in full sun... Needless to say, it was a slow 4 miles, but it was a nice way to shakeout my legs post half marathon and celebrate friends!

Since I won't have a weekly review next week, I'll brag about my amazing Memorial Day Monday. We went over to a friend's house to help them yank out bushes, had a cookout, sat outside (and I got a great tan line), and then we moved the party inside and watched Deadpool and Despicable Me. It was such a relaxing day and exactly how I wanted to spend the holiday after so much travel and activity on Saturday and Sunday.

When does your fall training plan start? (Has it already begun?) 
Is the warm weather affecting your pace?
Are you going to do the Runner's World summer run streak? (I forgot about it and missed Monday. Can I still join...?)


  1. Sounds like you had a great week and fun weekend. I wanted to start training for my fall race this week but have a pulled muscle so I am taking it easy and hope to start up in a few days. No big deal, it has been pouring rain here for days. So I least that kills my motivation to run early.

    1. I think the rain was a sign to take it easy. And why not? You'll be knee deep in NYC training soon enough! ;)

  2. A Wedding run and picnic? That sounds like so much fun!!

    Congratulations on your Half Marathon!! especially in this heat!

    1. Thank you! I am already looking forward to winter runs ha (but I do love summer weather for all other activities so I won't wish the warmth away quite yet.) ;)

      Also, that wedding run was an awesome idea.

  3. Seeing your pictures of random things seen on your run reminds me I should do this. I always find odd things.
    Wow your race does sound hot! But hey great job on beating your time last year! I am struggling quite a bit to hold onto paces in the 10 mm range. My summer running is mostly in the 11's and even 12's because of the heat! Yes, I am doing the RWRunstreak! You so can join in! We can be motivation for each other!

    1. Sometimes my runs are pretty borings, so it's nice to find weird things to photograph. I'm really enjoying RunChat's scavenger hunt! http://www.therunchat.com/2016/05/31/runchathunt-is-back-with-new-items/

  4. That is a seriously cute medal! Congrats on beating your time in the heat. Cool idea of the bride and groom to celebrate with a run. I'm not going to officially start training for Chicago until July. The June plan is to mix it up and run some miles but focus on other cardio. But honestly, I'm feeling good and just want to run. I'm looking forward to your recap. Thanks for linking Elizabeth!

    1. I'm getting back to feeling good and running for fun. It's so nice not to have a big race right around the corner. I just want to get used to this hot weather before I have to get back into training in a few weeks! :)

  5. I'm so happy to hear you're loving running again :) I think it was really smart to pull back a bit so your body would crave the miles again.

    I'm also trying to get acclimated to summer weather. Seems like we skipped spring in WI this year and jumped right into summer temps and high humidity!

    1. We've definitely skipped spring! We had one rainy and cold week then it went right to the mid-80s.

      My speed improved this past winter, so it's been a little disheartening to go back to slower mile times, but if I keep my eye on the prize (a good, strong fall half marathon) maybe I can just take it a day at a time and keep my training challenging, but fun!

  6. Congratulations on your half! That's a cute medal! I always have to adjust my goals when it's hot or humid. I'm doing the RWRunStreak. I attempted it last summer, but stopped after getting the stomach bug on Day 18. I'm hoping to redeem myself this year. I don't think it's too late to start. You should definitely get on board. I will begin training for the Pensacola Marathon the second week in July.

    1. Thanks, Debra! I've missed two days now that the streak has started. Whoops! I'm taking it easy til my next training plan starts, so maybe I'll do a July 4th-end of summer streak... we'll see!


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