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Sunday, April 03, 2016

ORRRC Half Training Week 5: Race Week

The last few magnolias on Monday night
Welcome to another Weekly Review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. I'm training for the ORRRC Half, which is this Sunday, April 10. Read more about my race here

Week of March 28-April 3

Monday: 2 miles, 8:45 pace
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5.5 miles, 9:24 pace
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Iron Furnace Trail Run, 4.5 miles (recap)
Sunday: Scarlet Sprint 5K (recap)

Total: 15 miles
2016 total: 310.37

I got a new hat in the mail Tuesday
I haven't had a low milage week in eons. Whoopsie. I ran 12 last Saturday and a 16 mile bike ride Sunday, so I wasn't in the mood to kick off Monday with a 5 mile run. Instead, I waited til right before dark and set off for a quick run. Two miles later, my legs felt good, but I was okay with stopping.

I worked late Tuesday and Alex's new workout schedule includes a Tuesday rest day, so I joined him. I need to re-work my schedule. Peer pressure is tough.

On Wednesday, we went to a long lunch at work where I had a strong beer. On top of that, I arrived home very hungry, so my run started after dinner. I ran to the nearby bike path and went toward campus. I had to dodge geese and gnat clouds and all the while my stomach was turning (digesting dinner and maybe that lunch beer?) and I felt pretty icky. I stopped a few times for traffic and photos, but even though I felt gross, it was still a good run. I should have made it 6 miles, but at the time I was ready to be finished.

Thursday was another rest day. Mostly because I had to stay late at work and by the time I got home there was a severe storm warning. Guess what? It totally passed over my neighborhood! I was so mad at myself for not getting outside. (Rain doesn't stop me, but forecasts calling for wind and lightning give me pause.)

Our campsite Friday night.
Friday was another rest day. I had to pack for our camping trip (Lake Hope State Park) in the morning and we left right after work to get to Iron Furnace packet pickup. It's normally an hour and a half drive, but it was more than two with rush hour traffic. Oh well. Once we got there the park was gorgeous and the weather wasn't too chilly.

Posing after Iron Furnace
Saturday was the Iron Furnace Trail Run. We did the 4.5 miler instead of the 13.1 and I am a-ok with that. A half on that trail would be hard. Of course, after I finished I wasn't very tired so I started to think, "maybe next year..." Read my Iron Furnace recap here. (I got a top 10 finish!) After the race we went to Clear Creek Metro Park, then drove home. Alex got called in to work for the high winds on Saturday night and I did a bunch of boring stuff at home.

We ran the Scarlet Sprint 5k on Sunday. We were both tired from Iron Furnace, but I managed a squeaker PR. My recap is here. After the race, we ate Thai food and were completely lazy. It was a packed weekend and I am thankful for downtime.

This was my first week in months of three rest days -- and I felt it! I was cranky and felt gross. I'm going to blame work because I stayed late almost every day. Even so, I had two strong races this weekend. And though they only added up to 7.5 miles total, they were quality miles. I felt challenged and they (hopefully) helped prepare me for next weekend. Because...

....the ORRRC Half is this Sunday

I'm equal parts terrified, hopeful, and relieved. Whatever happens – PR or not – it'll be over this time next week and I can move on to my next goal. ;)

What are you looking forward to?
Do you get nervous before a big PR attempt? (Especially specific time goals)
Have you ever run a trail race? 


  1. I rested extra days this week and I felt icky too. You wouldn't believe the emotions I go through before a race. I usually want to bail out the day before. But when I get there, I'm not nervous at all. You had two strong races this week. Congratulations! I'm excited for your half marathon. You'll do great and I'll be cheering for you. Thanks for linking with us Elizabeth.

    1. I'm always so nervous and kind of grouchy on a big race day, then afterwards I'm so happy. I'm just looking forward to getting to my goal race. The cancellation of my Florida half in February was so annoying! Thank you for the support!! :)

  2. PR attempts always make me anxious, and instead of enjoying the race I dwell on all the "what-ifs." Some people thrive on that competitive aspect, but not me. Besides, I've come to realize a PR typically needs everything to be right...breakfast, weather, terrain, lack of injury...just to name a few. And, although the rest days drove you a little crazy, I bet the extra rest played a big part in your great performances ;-)

    1. I'm with you: for my longer races it really has to be a great day for a PR. The stars need to align and all that jazz. I usually know by about mile 5 in a half if it's going to go well or... not. If it's bad I'll just stop and take some pretty pictures to distract myself. ha ;)

  3. I definitely get nervous before a big race or PR attempt! It's been a while since I chased a PR but I enjoy the challenge and pushing myself. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how your race goes! -C

    1. Thank you :) I've been PR-ing in shorter distances since fall, so I know this training cycle is working. I think it will be a mental battle Sunday!

  4. You did have a busy week! Two great races and I'll say your training is paying off well for you! Are you like me and need a vacation from your weekend, lol? Thanks for linking up! I can't get too excited for Nashville yet as I've got 2 half's before it but I'm getting close!

    1. Yes! Our weekend are packed and I need some downtime. But it's also great. I know you like to travel, so you get it! I am not letting myself think about Nashville til this weekend is over -- then the planning begins! ;)

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend. I have never done back to back races. Good luck in your upcoming race ! Hope the weather is decent.

    1. I don't think I've done back to back races either - glad they were both short. Thanks for the good luck! It's going to be very cold, hope the forecast changes a bit.

  6. I think the weekend made up for the lower mileage week. Back to back racing is tiring, even when you're doing short races. Congrats on the strong finish at the trail race and the Sunday PR! Good luck this weekend. I am looking forward to my big race this weekend as well. It's a guaranteed PR.... as long as I finish!

    1. Thanks! Big race weekend :) I like the sound of an automatic PR!

  7. Eeks...gnats! After running the 17.75K (I would prob not run that race again), I wouldn't mind trying a trail run (that is not tooooo hilly :P). Good luck this weekend!

    1. Trail runs are cool. I wish I could find a flat one! Do those exist??


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