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Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Five: Random Stuff (Spring 2016)

Happy Earth Day! I'm back with another Friday Five with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia. This week is a Free Friday, so I thought I'd chat about some things I'm loving right now:

Spring Blooms
Spring is hit or miss in Ohio. The weather has a tendency to go from rainy 40s to hot-hot-hot 80s and skipping past the amazing 70-degree days, but we've gotten lucky this year. Minus a few snowy and cold days earlier this month, I've been able to get outside and take lots of photos of the blooming trees in my area. It's one of my favorite spring activities.

Calligraphy videos
Are you on Instagram? (I am.) Before bed I have a habit of scrolling through recommended posts. I usually get a bunch of runners, mountain vistas, and chihuahuas, but recently I've come across calligraphy clips. They are so soothing. I love watching these artistic women write one or two words in a quick clip. It's making me want to pull out my markers and give it a try...

Makeup clips
Somewhat related in artistry: makeup clips. I have NO IDEA how I came across my first contouring video, but they are mesmerizing (a word I keep using on twitter). I can't do makeup for crap. I mean, I've got the basics down and can look respectable for a night out, but I'm not good at it. Plus, my face sucks up all makeup and breaks out like crazy the week following. No bueno. But these women are masters! Sure, some of them look orange or a little fake after, but most of the time they look flawless. Three things: First, I can't believe how many layers they apply. Second, how do they look close up? And third, where did these brushes come from?! Regardless, I'm in awe! (Oh and I know: I'm late to the party.)

Walking to Work
I've been trying my hardest to walk to work every day. I failed today (it's raining), but Alex encouraged me to set a challenge (kind of like a run streak) to walk to work for a whole year. I asked about inclement weather and he suggested I use all of my waterproof layers from camping. haha We shall see. But I'd say I'm walking 75% of the time. By the way, I read a book as I walk. I'm a clumsy person and I trip more without a book!

Current pair, Papillio (top), leather Tevas (bottom)

In search of: comfy sandals 
Directly related to walking to work: my search for comfy strappy sandals. I have a pair (see above left), but I wore them too many times in the rain or on beaches and the inside leather sole is warping. I'll still keep them in rotation, but I need another pair to support my feet on the walk. I've tried walking in normal sandals, but it hurts my feet and as we know, happy feet are very important when you're a runner!

What are your favorite things these days?
Are you searching for the perfect _____ ?


  1. Wow, I am darn impressed with that makeup video. I paid once to have a Chanel make up artist teach me how to apply make up. Best.investment.ever. I never go out without the basics (except when running) and taking a class was so worth the money. However, that video ? wow.

    1. The things they do with makeup on instagram are astounding! I've had professional makeup done, but not as a tutorial. That would be worth the money. I feel like I've got the gist, but I could use some skills!


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