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Monday, January 04, 2016

Books of 2015

77 Books (74 "real" books, 3 audiobooks)

Won on Goodreads: 7 (4 finished, 3 to read)
Non-fiction: 11
Graphic Novels / Comics: 10
Classics: 3 (way too low!)

My original goal was 65 books. Last year I read 93 books, but 13 of them were audiobooks, so this year's number isn't that far off. I spent more time running in 2015, but less time listening to audiobooks. 77 books is still pretty cool because I had a crazy first half of the year with work travel and stress and I found myself playing with my phone before bed instead of reading. (No bueno.) Basically, I read a lot of fluff in 2015.

As with 2014, I didn't have a particular reading challenge in mind and read whatever I wanted. I didn't do a very good job clearing out my physical to-read bookshelf at home. Instead, I reserved a ton of newer books at the library. I did a horrible job reading classic novels, so I suppose if I have one goal for 2016 it's to dust of my Thomas Hardy and Brontë novels.

Here's what I read (most recent first):

If you're still reading, did we read any of the same books? Any recommendations? 
And as always, if you're on Goodreads, let's be friends.

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