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Monday, November 23, 2015

Naples Half / Broke Man's WWU Training Week 3

A shot from Saturday's run
Happy Monday! Once again, I'm joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Review linkup. My training goals are the Broke Man's Winter Warm Up and Naples Half Marathon. You can read more about each event in week 1's training recap.

Week of Nov 16-22

Monday: 3 miles, 8:51 pace
Tuesday: 3 miles, 8:38 pace
Wednesday: 1.68 miles, 8:46 pace (I woke up late)
Thursday: 5 miles, 9:03 pace
Friday: 1 mile, 8:12 pace
Saturday: 6 miles, 9:01 pace
Sunday: 2 miles (7:58 pace) + .13 (7:33 pace) and .35 (7:41 pace)

Total: 22.2 miles

My paces above look great, but I stopped a lot for traffic. I usually stick to my neighborhood to avoid interruption, but it’s barely a mile loop and difficult for me to stay motivated.

Speaking of stopping and starting, Saturday’s 6 took me downtown to check out Columbus’s updated riverfront. There was a bike path and park before, but now there are multiple walkways and extra green space along the river. Alex came with me as a bike escort. It was my first longish run since my last half and I felt really good, but we stopped a lot to take photos. I have a 5 mile Turkey Trot on Thursday so that will be the true test of my current non-stop speed and endurance.

Alex needed a run on Sunday to prep for the Turkey Trot, so I joined to get in a rest day mile. He said he’d run with me (normally unheard of) so we ran together for a mile until I turned around. He’s "out of shape" (for him. It’s peak shape for normal people.) and I’m able to run faster these days, so we stuck together. He had me in the upper 7s and low 8s. He’s normally in the 6s, so I’m glad he slowed down. I hope we can continue to run together… he’s not very good about running slower than 9 minute miles. He complains and says it hurts. (Booooooo)

I’m still enjoying the #chasethebird streak. Sure sometimes I’d rather not run, but one mile isn’t too bad. Plus it makes running a standard part of my day. I have to do it, just like I have to brush my teeth. I’d like to keep it up, but I may be relieved when Friday comes and I can quit. We’ll see what happens!

Is anyone considering the Runner's World holiday run streak?
What's your favorite Thanksgiving side? (Mine is green bean casserole.)


  1. Nice week! Great job on your times!

    Good luck on your turkey trot! I am doing a 10k..I need to get my costume together :)

    I am not a fan of run streaks-I can never commit to it.

    I make a bad a$$ challah bread and sausage stuffing that is pretty good that goes so well with my mom's lamb!!! yums!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. I didn't even think to wear a costume to the turkey trot! That could be really cute.

      Oh man, that bread and stuffing sound amazing. And lamb?!?! I don't really like turkey. Can I come to your Thanksgiving. ;)

      Have a great holiday!

  2. I've never done a running streak. If I'm going to get out of bed and put running clothes on, I'd feel like I should do more than a mile. But I'm not running due to injury, so there's that. I think my favorite Thanksgiving side is sweet potato casserole. But deviled eggs are good too and so is Watergate salad. I think I like them all. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Elizabeth and I appreciate you linking with us.

    1. The best part about the mile days is NOT having to wake up too early before work and being done quickly. It is tempting to run father (I "accidentally" did that yesterday), but for the most part my legs are tired since I'm still not used to running every day.

      Oh man, deviled eggs are great. I don't know what Watergate salad is. I'm going to Google it!

  3. I love city runs and checking out new sites - the Columbus riverfront looks beautiful! I love the bubble graphic for keeping track of your running miles - is that an app or specific widget? My favorite thanksgiving side --- always been a fan of the mashed sweet potatoes!

    1. The bubble graphic is from Strava. I've used MapMyRun for years, and Garmin abut (just because it came with my watch), then I joined a running group that uses Strava. It's a good site. I really like the weekly summary graphic, too!

      Mashed sweet potatoes are so good. It depends on which Thanksgiving my husband and I end up going to ... one family doesn't make them! :(

  4. If you could could get Alex to run with you a couple of times a week that would be a great way to speed up your pace. Last summer I joined some new friends for runs who pushed me and I cut over a minute off my pace! Sure beats boring track repeats! :-)

    1. That sounds like a great plan! He hibernates in the winter, but I'll see what I can do. ;)

  5. I would probably try the RW streak if it weren't for my marathon in less than two weeks. I tried the RW Summer Streak from Memorial Day to the 4th of July, but I only made it 17 days before getting a stomach virus. I may try it again this summer. Good luck with your Turkey Trot! My favorite side is cornbread dressing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Mmmm cornbread dressing.

      The run streak helped get me out there today. It was 23 degrees, but I knew I had to run this morning because I won't have time later. It was bitter cold and tough, but I'm glad I did it. I probably would have stayed in bed if I didn't have the streak! The summer streak would be tough, too. So hot!

  6. Great job on your runs this week. How long does the streak go? Hoping you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. The streak only last til Thanksgiving, but I'm going to go til the end of the month. Have fun on your trip and enjoy the holiday! :)

  7. I've never done a running streak, but I think I would enjoy one as long as it had a definite set time (like 30 days). I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! My favorite side dish is sweet potato casserole, because this is the only day of the year that I eat it. :)


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