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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Five: Favorite Summer Activities

Happy Friday! I have a two-day work week, so I'm feeling pretty good. We got back from North Dakota a few days ago and work's been very easy. Lots of waiting on the client. Anyway, I'm back with another Friday Five link-up with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia! This week's theme: Five Favorite Summer Activities

Trulben, Germany in June 2014

1. Travel
I am a broken record on my love of travel! I love seeing new places and tend to take most of my trips during the summer as my work load is usually much lighter. As I mentioned, we just returned from North Dakota. We're headed to Canada in July (Alex's family's yearly trip) and possibly Alaska in August/September. We have some airline miles to use! :)

Ontario, Canada

2. Water sports
I don't really swim (something I'm looking to remedy this year. I even bought a TYR one piece - on super sale), but I love being around water. Favorite activities include canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding.

Left: near Mohican State Park, Right: Ash Cave in the Hocking Hills

3. Hiking and camping
I like hiking year-round, but we tend to get out more during the summer. I don't really like camping in the winter or rain, so I'll say summer is the best time for backwoods camping. I prefer hiking into camp vs. drive-up campgrounds. I like being away from people and deep in nature! I figure if you're going to do it, do it all the way.

Columbus skyline at last year's Arts Fest and me with a turkey leg at Comfest

4. Festivals 
I tend to ignore Columbus-y events during the winter, so it's nice to get out in the summer and remember what a cool city we live in. Upcoming events include Arts Fest and Digfest this weekend, Comfest in late June, and Ribsfest in July.

Favorite patio beer of 2013 and my hot dog legs, white wine, and a book last year

5. Reading and drinking outside 
I'd do this all year if I could, but the sunshine, our anti-gravity chairs, and my killer runner tan lines have encouraged me to get outside more.

Additional Note: What makes #2-5 difficult? Mosquitos. I am a bug magnet. Alex got 2 bites in North Dakota and I got 16 on just one leg. Ugh. I have an anti-mosquito jacket that works wonders, but on super hot days I need something else. Any recommendations beyond heavy duty DEET bug spray?


  1. Great list! I love traveling too! I've already been to California three times this year and have a few other trips planned. We're heading to Seattle next. :)

    1. I'm jealous of all of your California trips! I've only been once and only southern California. I've also never been to Seattle and it looks amazing. Have fun! :)

  2. I am a bug magnet as well! There are nights when I would like to eat outside, but I know the critters will come and get me. I will be heading to Alaska in August with my family :) Starting in Vancouver (cruising) and will end in Seward (I think).


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