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Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Five: Five Running Trips I want to Take

I'm back again with a Friday Five link-up with MarCynthia, and Courtney! I missed two weeks due to product releases at work. This week's theme is Five Trips To Take (or Trips I’ve Taken). I've covered my upcoming trips (North Dakota, Alaska) and past favorites (London, Ireland, seeing 48 of the states), so today I'll follow some of my favorite bloggers and talk about Five Running Trips I Want to Take.

Photo from goherefordshire.co.uk
1. Magic Roundabout in Hereford, England
I found out about this race in a really odd way: I belong to an Archers appreciation group on Facebook and another member had a gorgeous photo of herself running through the hills of England during a race. It's a 10k run full of hills. No PRs to be had, but who cares when you get an amazing view? I want a race photo like this. Someday! 

Lely Resort
2. Paradise Coast Half Marathon in Naples, Florida
I'm including this because I'm already signed up for next year's race! It doesn't happen until February 14, 2016, but I found a great coupon code and we're going to make it a winter getaway with my mom and step dad. They're going down a week or so before, then we'll meet them in Naples, run, and relax in the sun! I didn't research the race extensively, but it winds through the beautiful Lely Resort and should be relatively flat. It will be my first time in Naples, with time for side trips to Marco Island. I'm excited to get a break from another Ohio winter!

3. Something in Hawaii 
We're Hawaii-obsessed at home. I've looked into a few races, but I'm not sure which island I'd prefer to run. We haven't been to Kauai, so The Kauai Half looks promising. A few Hawaii runs I've researched are out and back, which I'd like to avoid. I need to do more research on Hawaii races, but one thing's for sure: I'm looking for another excuse to go back to Hawaii! 

Gorgeous views along the course!
4. Run the Bluegrass in Lexington, Kentucky
I need to start training on hills because most of my destination runs are chock full of elevation changes! I almost signed up for Run the Bluegrass this year, but the late March date concerned me on two fronts: Weather and training. I was still in good shape from the fall, but it was nice to be a bit lazy during January and February. I read some recaps of this year's event and it sounds tough. Perhaps I'll stop and take photos along the way to recharge. ;) I follow the event Facebook and the organizers are amazing. I want to run this race if only to support the fine folks they have on staff. They definitely go above and beyond.

5. Yellowstone + Grand Teton Double
After reading reviews of the recent Zion Half, I decided I want to run in a National Park. I've been to both Yellowstone and Grand Teton, but I was in high school and my memories are fading. I'd love to do a double and this seems the most doable. I'm not sure if I'd do both halves (they're a week apart) or a half and a 5K. Of all my racing trips, this would probably be one of the easiest to convince Alex to run! Maybe in 2016?

Thanks for reading my round-up. I think it's fairly obvious I choose destination races based on the scenery. Time for some hill repeats... 


  1. Gorgeous scenery, indeed! I'm a little intimidated by all those trails and hills and dirt roads!

    1. I've run a few trail races over the past year and the dirt part is ok (as long as I don't trip on a tree root), but the hills are definitely intimidating! I think all worries about finish time would go out the window and it may become just about finishing upright. ;) And hoping I get a cool race photo!

  2. Fantastic list ! Yellowstone is on my bucket list.


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