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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pinterest Projects

Pinterest is great. I find a lot of stuff on there: gift ideas (for myself), outfit ideas, and some DIY inspiration. This year, I completed a few of my bookmarked projects. Here are three highlights:
(I apologize. Most of these photos are from my phone in poor lighting.)

Bookshelf to "Bar"

We have SO MUCH glassware. This is just the stuff that can't fit in the cupboards, on top of the cupboards, or in the hutch. It's ridiculous. Anyway, we also have about 2 bottles of liquor and a few fancy bottles of wine. (The other bottles never make it into the dining room because we drink them immediately.) I had an old Sauder bookshelf from my high school bedroom that was in decent shape. I thought this would be a nice corner filler in the dining room. I like the idea of installing bottle and glass holders, but I'm not sure this bookcase is sturdy enough. 

Bird Costume

Bird Mask

Ok, this one's kind of a lie. I actually subscribe to A Beautiful Mess, saw this there, THEN pinned it. But, whatever. 

This year, I had the itch to make a costume. I am really trying to use up my craft supplies. I have way too many. I made it the day of a friend's Halloween party, so it didn't take long. Instead of using a pillowcase, I cut out fabric a few inches wider than a favorite dress. It still fit wide/large like a pillowcase, but there was a little more shape to it. I forgot that my mom and I had swapped sewing machines and that my new Bernina is AMAZING. (I was using an in-table Singer from the 60s.) 

After the costume was complete, I had time to make a mask. I googled "make bird mask" and that video was one of the first results. If you watch it, you can tell I didn't stray much... Our friend had a black light in one room and the mask looked awesome. 

Alex went as a bird watcher. The day before the party I printed out several pages from Sibly's bird guide to make him a little booklet. I find it amusing that we took my nice camera as a prop for his costume, but didn't take a single photo... 

Chocolate dipped candy canes / pretzels 

Tonight is my office Christmas party (way more fun than parties for other offices). This was super easy. A few of the candy canes broke while unwrapping, so I mashed them up to sprinkle on the white chocolate pretzel sticks. I have no idea what these taste like yet, but I imagine they'll be good. Made these to go along with some crockpot hot chocolate (which I will be making in about 3 hours...) 

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