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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cheap Spring Looks

I just bought a bunch of stuff online (on sale) in preparation for spring. Some of my favorite items came from Old Navy. (They still haven't arrived, but let's pretend they fit and look amazing.) There are so many basics on the site right now that can be mixed and matched ad nauseum (I mean, if you get sick thinking about clothes).

Let's take a look at some of my perspective outfits: 

Spring Look #1

Spring Look #1 by Lizzard214 featuring knit tees

In Look 1 I've paired a bag I already own with 3 Old Navy finds. The bag I have is a 5 year old Dooney & Bourke small top handle satchel that's no longer available online... so I'm pretending it's this expensive one from Barney's.

The jewelry is a mix of Vera Wang for Kohl's and my new favorite, Jewelmint. If you would like an invite to Jewelmint, please leave a comment. I love it. $29.99 (+ free shipping!) for really great quality and on-trend jewelry. I tend to buy the more classic pieces, so I could see them lasting a loooong time.

Look 2:

Another Old Navy basic paired with some existing pieces and others from Kohl's and Anthropologie. The purse I own (Kate Spade something-or-other from last year) and the feather headband would be one of the ones I make for craft sales. Pretty simple outfit, so it could be worn with a lot of different accessory combinations.The sunglasses are my beloved Betsey Johnson's. I bought them for 24.99, dropped them in the driveway, they got run over... and now I can only find them online for about 3x what I paid. :( I still have the cracked pair, but I know they will need to go in the trash some time...

That concludes today's spring lookbook. Maybe there will be more?

Oh, and the house redo is moving along slowly....

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