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Monday, August 23, 2010

i like this: john derian for target

I've been looking forward to the September 5 release date of the John Derian for Target collection for quite some time. Locally, I've seen John Derian at my favorite Short North store, Collier West. Alex and I own a few things (ok, maybe 1... maybe 2) and they've held up really well over the past 2 years. Target's line will be amazing because not only are they using some of the famous prints, they will also be extremely affordable!

I recently had my first glance at all of the items during Gilt's sample sale of the new Target lines last Friday (the link is closed now). Luckily there are quite a few blogs with the inside scoop, including the Lost Angeles Time's blog.

 Be sure to visit the official John Derian for Target lookbook website for prices and more items.

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