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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I like this: recycled utensil lamps

Let me get all eco friendly on you with these recycled utensil lamps.
Actually, wait.
Would you really want to recycle utensils and put them on a lamp? First off, who uses this many plastic forks? Fast food places? Is that where you would collect them? Or are these ALL the utensils one person used for month? year? And, I guess you can wash them off real good, but I'm just imagining a scrap of food lodged between the fork nodes. Eww.
You know what? Never mind. I would recycle utensils. Just so I could say I did and have a wicked lamp to show for it.



  1. It could challenge the ideas of the people who visit your blog.

  2. Its ok if the appearance of your blog is not good. The important thing is the topic or the content of your blog.


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