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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Week 16: Good cloud days

From Saturday's run. 

Happy Sunday! Welcome to another weekly review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. Read more about my fall goal race here. 12 days!

Week of September 26–October 2
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday:  rest + walk to work
Wednesday:  rest
Thursday:  3.1 miles
Friday:  3.2 miles
Saturday: 12 miles
Sunday: 3 mile run, 1 mile walk

Total (Running) Miles: 26.3 miles
2016 Miles: 774.4 miles

New path, new views!
This week wasn't too wild, but I had three strong weekday runs. Monday's run after work was the biggest surprise. I used the new path to enjoy the relatively mild weather (66º with 60% humidity) and ran 8:54, 8:13, 8:09, 7:54 (!), and 8:09. The weather obviously makes a huge difference.

Successful shopping trip!
I took Tuesday and Wednesday off due to lingering ankle pain from last week's long run and heavy rain. We spent those nights at Taco Tuesday, shopping for casual dresses (me), and watching Captain America: Civil War (meh).

Re: ankle pan -- I thought my New Balance 860v6s were shot and switched to new Saucony Omnis on Friday and Saturday. While the shoes helped, the pain was still there (it's not terrible and doesn't last, just annoying), so I think it's time for new insoles. I don't track my milage on those, so who knows the last time I bought a pair. I think I'll mark the starting date on my next set...

Random corn field in the middle of the city. (Ohio State agriculture)

Anyway, (!) Thursday and Friday were relaxed 3 milers. I considered skipping Friday, but I was 3 miles from a 100 mile month, so... I ran after work between downpours and had another enjoyable time. The new path is fantastic. It's only a mile, but it connects to a longer trail and a great neighborhood. Plus, it's uphill out and downhill back, so I always run negative splits. ;)

Bath time! (Tobias does not like bath time.)

Saturday's group 12 was nice and cool. I will probably switch pace groups next season, but I suppose if I start running full marathons* I'll stick with the 10:45 pace (or slower). After the run I cleaned the house and dog, pampered myself a bit, and watched the Ohio State game while Alex went to it with his family. We went out for Italian after they returned from the game, then he and I came home and watched Central Intelligence. It was stupid, but funny. (*did I just say that? Uh oh.)

Recently reopened bridge
On Sunday I prepped a slow cooker soup from Run Fast. Eat Slow. (flu fighter chicken and rice stew), wrote this, ran some errands with Alex after he installed new breaks on his car, and then we went out for a 3 mile run and 1 mile walk. It felt really fast, but maybe because my legs were tired from Saturday. Luckily he ate too much before and didn't mind taking breaks!

Odds and ends:
I ended the week with 240ft in elevation gain. Not terrible, but I did not top my 535ft from last week. I missed my mid-week hill repeats due to storms.

I signed up for a bunch of races this weekend: a beer run next week, a Thanksgiving race, two winter trail runs (10k, 20k), and 2017's Medina Half. Alex signed up for all but the half, so I'm looking forward to running with him over the winter!

Are you loving the cooler weather? Did it rain a bunch in your area?
Have you scheduled any races for 2017? Which ones?


  1. I always love your pictures and that top one is stunning! I need to bathe my two dogs and they loathe it and act all crazy when it's over. I hope your ankle pain goes away quickly. I'd definitely try new inserts. I haven't signed up for anything yet, waiting to see how I feel after Chicago. I'm almost superstitious about it now, but I'm ready for some racing. Thanks for linking, Elizabeth!

    1. My dog also goes nuts after a bath! He runs around like crazy. Good luck in Chicago this weekend!

  2. Hopefully getting new insoles help with your ankle problem. I do not wear insoles but never track my mileage on my sneakers which I know is bad. Great job on your 12 miles.

    1. Thanks! I only track my shoe milage b/c Strava does it for me when I upload my run data. Otherwise I wonder if I might use them longer... would I wait until they were falling apart?

  3. It didn't rain a bunch last week but is raining this morning! Last week was perfect fall weather and awesome for running. I love the dresses you found, they all look great on you.
    I am terrible at tracking the mileage on my shoes..I retire them when they start to bother me. which is probably too late

    1. You're probably ok with your shoe retirement because mine routinely start to feel crappy when they hit between 300 and 500, like running sites recommend.
      We finally have a week of nice, fall weather! Last week was rainy, gray, and cold until Sunday. :/

  4. You do like I do, seem to sign up for several races all at one time! Maybe we just get in the mood and knock them out! You have good variety and how nice Alex is doing most of them with you! We had a touch of cooler weather and I enjoyed the campfire almost every night we've been at the campground! In fact we need more wood!

    1. I feel like I sign up in bulk either after I've started to get bored OR there's a big price increase coming -- and Sept 30 was a big one for a lot of these. ;)

      Campfires are on of the best parts of this time of year!

  5. Cooler temps here too, I am loving it. Perfect fall weather. I haven't signed up for any fall or winter races, besides the marathon on Nov 6th. I am looking forward to taking some time off and not running at zero dark thirty. I will scale back a bit through November & December and decide what I want to do for spring races.

    Hope your ankle is feeling better. I change my orthodics every 18 months. It makes a huge difference.

    1. I would definitely want to take time off after a big race like NYC!
      I got my new insoles in the mail last night, I think they'll help a ton.


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