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Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 15: Nice and Easy

This week's sky shot

Welcome to another weekly review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. Read more about my fall goal race here. 18 days!

Week of September 19–September 25
Monday: rest + walk to work (w2w)
Tuesday: 3.2 miles + w2w
Wednesday: 3.4 miles (hill repeats) + w2w
Thursday: 3.2 + w2w
Friday: rest
Saturday: 11 miles
Sunday: 5 miles

Total (Running) Miles: 26 miles
2016 Miles: 748 miles

Giant beers... and a Clif bar
Monday night was spent drinking patio beers with Alex. ;) I started my Tuesday run late, not realizing the sun sets at 7:30 (sob). My neighborhood does not have streetlights or sidewalks, so I've got to get my nighttime confidence back (and pull out all of my hi-viz gear)!

New path!
On Wednesday I left work super hungry so Alex started dinner while I walked home. His pizza took longer to make than anticipated, so we were rushing to get in a run before dark. Ugh, pizza belly and 8 x 300m hill repeats do not mix, BUT despite my terrible planning, the hill workout went very well. By the end of the week I'd increased my weekly elevation gain by 200 feet (335 vs 535)!

The only important thing to note about Thursday's run is that I tried out a new path on a busy road near my house (I am so excited for this path!!!) and ran pretty fast (9:04, 8:38, 8:09). Friday was a rest day before my long run Saturday. I have a mini dilemma: I've been running with the same 10:45 pace group for about a year and a half (really 3 years because we all moved up together from 11). I love the people, but this weekend the pace felt slow and it hurt. I think as I've been getting faster over 2016, 10:45 is a bit slower than I need for my long runs. There are only two weeks in this season, but I may need to choose a new group in the winter. Not sure what I'll do.

This is really from Saturday... New deck at Atrim Park!
On Sunday I met up with a few Central Ohio Oiselle ladies to run 5 miles before brunch. One of the women pushed the pace into the low 9s. I was able to talk and run, which kind of reaffirmed that I can run a faster pace on long runs. (Though I won't be moving to a 9 minute pace group any time soon!! It was tough on hills!) I think one of my goals for the end of 2016/early 2017 is to be able to go to a group run and not need to ask, "what pace do you guys run?"


The biggest part of my weekend was Run Fast Eat Slow. The book's been making the rounds on Instagram and since I don't really like following recipes, I decided to get it from the library. Well, I've been convinced and will buy it. I really appreciate the message of the cookbook (eat full fats!!), plus we already had a lot of the ingredients in our pantry. I made frittata muffins, Superhero muffins (worth the hype), banana chips, Recovery Quinoa Salad, and Burst Cherry Tomato Linguine with shrimp. I spent hours in the kitchen Saturday, but now I have some food for the week. If I can swing it, I'd like to make Saturday meal prep day. I'm already spending most of the day at home after my long run (and nap - ha), so why not be a tiny bit productive and have Sunday free?

Fire #1 on Saturday night
Besides cooking and running, Alex and I spent time on our patio by the fire Saturday night and then we went over to our neighbor's for more fire pit action on Sunday night. This past weekend was so relaxing I almost forgot to compile my weekly wrap-up!

What do you do differently when you run in the dark? 
How did you find your long run pace? / How do you know when to make a change?
What are some of your favorite meal prep recipes? 


  1. I have been wanting to start making new recipes. Maybe I will get that book too. Tough situation w the running group. Maybe you could find a faster group but still stay w those ladies for one of your runs for the company?

    1. If you're unsure about the book, check your library! I was happy to take it for a test drive and find that I still wanted to buy it. I like your idea about running with my friends on other days. We're signed up for a marathon relay next year, too... so I know I'll still see them!

  2. Wow your really getting good at this running on a full stomach! I do not think I could do pizza before but after now your talking my language!
    I saw your IG pictures of the fire on the patio and it sure made me with we were camping so bad!
    Questions: I must be able to see at night, headlamp for sure! Also people need to be able to see me! I'm reviewing this cool new LED Vest and loving it!
    Meal prep, ha! If only I had time to do that!

    1. I'm not allowed to eat dinner before any more runs!! haha
      I want to see how you like the vest. I have two reflective vests, but neither light up. Fancy!
      I only have time for meal prep about once a month, but wouldn't it be nice to have time every week??? Maybe in the winter when I don't want to go outside. ;)

  3. I saw your Instagram pics of the Run Fast. Eat Slow. recipes and they looked great! I still need to try the Superhero Muffins - it seems those are the popular thing to make.

    I'm amazed you were able to do hillwork with a belly full of pizza. I don't think I could have powered through that one!

    1. I need to get the recipe book back out this weekend and make more! Everything takes a bit of prep, but it's all so good. Definitely try the muffins. I added chocolate chips. ;)

  4. I think the people in the 10:45 running group would understand and support your change to a faster group. I certainly could never run with a belly full of pizza. Kudos! I run with a flashing LED band around my upper arm when it's totally dark. I know my streets well enough not to use a headlamp or knuckle lights. That shrimp dish looks delicious! My meal prep consists of going to the grocery store. That's it! I know -- Boo. Thanks for linking, Elizabeth.

    1. My meal prep usually consists of sending my husband to the grocery lol -- oh well, even if I only make a few meals per month, it's an improvement!


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