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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 2: June 20-26

This week's sky shot from Monday.

Happy Sunday! I'm linking up with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for another weekly review. I'm training for the Autumn Blast Half in October using the Hanson's Half Marathon plan (read more here). 

Week of June 20-26 
Monday: 4 miles (Find Me Where the Wild Things Are run) + walk to work
Tuesday: rest + walk to work
Wednesday: 4 miles (speed work: 1 mi, 4 x 800, 1 mi)
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 1 mile + walk to work and around Comfest (~3 miles)
Saturday: 4 miles with group
Sunday: rest + gardening

Total Miles: 16.3 miles
2016 Total: 493.2 miles

Before the race - we're to the left of the stroller
My active days of the week are ramping up!

Monday was originally an off day, but we signed up for the Find Me Where the Wild Things Are 4 Miler to celebrate the summer solstice. It was too hot and humid to race (87 degrees at 8:30pm), plus it was super casual, but I finished strong even after stopping to take photos! I was the first place lady for 2.5 miles, but we were asked to wear the cotton race shirt for photos and I had to stop and take it off to run in my sports bra due to overheating. I never run in only a sports bra, so you know it was scorching hot! I probably won't write an official recap since it was laid back, but it was such a good time. Official stats: 12 of 104 overall and 5 of 77 females (Alex finished second.)

Tuesday was a rest day, but I still walked to work. I've been walking to work since spring. It's been a fantastic start and end to my day. Tuesday was some yoga holiday, so I pulled out my new Hit Reset book and did a few moves. And by a few I literally mean three moves. I won't pretend I'm a yogi.

Speed work (photo by Fleet Feet Columbus)
Wednesday I went to group speed work. It's tough and I kind of hate it during, but I feel accomplished after. This week was a 1 mile warm up to the track, 4 x 800 (3:55 target), and a mile cool down back to the running store. We used the outside lanes, which means I ran a bit farther than 800m and nailed every set with these times: 3:58, 3:58, 3:57, 4:00. It was a great after last week's struggle with 5x1000m, but I'm thankful we only had 4 sets. I was dead. I'm also thankful it was *only* 75 degrees with 65% humidity... and the wind was blowing.

Along the river.

Thursday was my first solo run since June 3! Races and group runs have dominated my schedule and it felt good to get out on my own. I ran along the Scioto River and stopped a few times to take photos of the flooded river (we had heavy rains Wednesday night). It was very hot, but I held a steady pace. I actually went too fast. According to my plan, easy runs should be over 10:00 min/mi and I ran this at 9:10. I need to work on my easy pace because easy days will be essential to staying injury-free!

Found this shirt for $5 at Comfest. Score!
I ran Friday, but woke up too late to get in more than 1 mile! I walked a few miles to work and around Comfest (Community Festival, an annual Columbus tradition) so I didn't feel bad.

Saturday was another training group run. I was tempted to run 8 miles with the full marathoners, but knew I needed to stick to my plan. It worked out for the best because by the end of 4 miles my legs were tired. Maybe it was all the walking on Friday. On Saturday night I went to a (tame) bachelorette party. We started with dinner, went out for dessert, and got a few drinks. I was home by midnight and able to follow the end of the Western States (100 Mile) Endurance Run.

Sunday was ridiculously hot and my right eye was bugging me (which means I couldn't wear my contacts) so I decided to skip my Sunday run. I went over my milages for the week with Monday's race, so it didn't matter. Instead, I did some gardening in the 97 degree heat and sweat everywhere. Blargh. I also had time to do housework, make a slow cooker taco filling, and (finally!) choose a 4th of July 5k. This will be our first 4th of July race since I started running! My first "real" 5k (with training) was on the July 4, 2012 and I was totally bummed when it took me over 30 minutes.

Are you participating in a 4th of July race?
Should I get the Pro Compression stars and stripes socks...? 
Did you follow the Western States 100? (This was my first time.)


  1. Great job on Monday's run in that crazy heat. We don't have a July 4th local run. Years ago we did one that was 7.4 miles on a golf cart path. It was fun. I struggle with keeping my long slow run slow too. I should probably cover my watch. Good luck with the 5k. Thanks for linking with us Elizabeth!

    1. I should try covering my watch and just listen for the miles to beep away!

  2. I'm so happy for the WS winner Kaci! Holiday races make holidays even more fun!

    1. What a race! She dominated and looked so happy and relaxed at every checkpoint. Hero!

  3. Wow! Great week! Several previous months, i and my friends completed 8.5 miles on hills. It is so good! ^^

  4. Great job in your race and placing 5th in the females. I'd hate to run in cotton too. No wonder you took your shirt off. I actually did the other day when it was really humid too and I normally don't.

    1. I ran my first few races in giant cotton shirts (& I remember you guys had a post about that) -- what were we thinking?! ;) If it's over 60 degrees I can't handle anything more than a tank top.

  5. Hot here too! Thankfully I've gotten all my runs done before work but yes it is still so dang hot! I won't be running a July 4th Race. We'll be on the beach so I may run to the bar? Kidding, not really but I may continue my Summer run streak til Labor Day been thinking about that.
    Yes get the Stars n Stripes socks! :)

    1. The beach sounds like a lovely way to spend the 4th! I'd run to the bar. haha I really enjoyed my runstreak last winter so I'm all in favor of extending your streak. I loved those 1 mile days! ;)


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