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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have ANOTHER web account

I was trying to avoid another account, but now I have Posterous - the post everything everywhere at once site. Unfortunately, for Thing-A-Day 2010 you need it. So, here's my first test at autoposting to a blog.
Apparently I can use it for my blog and tumblr. While it might be fun to share all my tumblr crap with you you (or all my blog crap with them), I don't think I ought to start mixing genres. 10 posts a day on tumblr is quite different than 10 posts a day via blog.
Anywho, Thing-A-Day starts next week. I have a crapload of work right now, but I'm hoping to get it out of the way soon-ish. I may have to make up Thing-A-Day in March. :(

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