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About les plus beauxx

Hawaii, February 2014
Hello, I'm Elizabeth. I'm a Director of Creative Services with a focus on educational design and illustration. You can see some of my work here, though it's a little out of date. I enjoy reading, travel, nature, and running. I'm originally from Columbus, Ohio but currently live in Bozeman, Montana with my husband (Alex) and chihuahua (Tobias).  

History of the Blog: 
les plus beauxx began in December 2006. I don't remember how I came up with the name (only that "les plus beaux" was taken, so I had to add an x). It means "the most beautiful" in French. Please do not assume I think my crafty stuff is the most beautiful collection of crap on the internet. I'm kind of stuck with the name, so remember to think it through when you name your blog. ;)

The Craft Part (2006-2013)
I gradually began posting links to art inspiration, my photos, and DIY ideas. Occasionally, I'd post my own projects (see "Stuff I've Made"; currently 130+ projects). I don't have a lot of time to be creative outside of work these days, so my DIYs are usually quick and easy. In fact, my most popular post is the 5-Minute Notebook.

I participated in my first craft fair in 2010. I entered a handful of shows and had monetary success and opened an Etsy shop during my off season. It eventually became a "job" and since I already had a demanding full-time job, it wasn't fun anymore. Crafting to sell became less about being creative and more of an assembly line. Currently books, travel, and running dominate the blog, but I'll get back to crafts someday.

The Running Part (2014-present) 
I began running farther in 2014 after joining a local training group (MIT Columbus). My distance PR is 17 miles and I have no desire to run a marathon. I joined Oiselle Volée in July 2015.

You can read about my pre-2014 running history, or head straight to mRace Calendar for a list of events, links to race recaps, and current PRs. 

Find me online:
Thanks for stopping by! 

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