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Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekly Review: I Joined a Gym

Saturday afternoon - not as cold as it looks (I swear)

Happy Monday! I'm back with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already! 

November 6 – November 12
Monday: Bootcamp + .9 mi running
Tuesday: Jasyoga
Wednesday: TRIBE + Brew Run
Thursday: Jasyoga + shoveling
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3 mi Oiselle run + 1.3 mi dog walk + 1.2 mi cemetery walk
Sunday: 6.1 mi run

Total (combo) miles: 15.1 mi
Total elevation: 527 ft

Injury update 
Still RICE-ing, though not as often as last week. I've been consistently cross training and stretching. I still have some pain in my hamstrings, but can't figure out if it's from my new activities or the original injury. Silly, I know. I talked to my PT friend and she said to keep stretching and taking it easy with running.

On Monday I went to the gym for a trial class. I got a membership after the TRIBE preview class for Megan and Phil a few weeks ago. Monday's trial class was supposed to be TRIBE, but in my confused state I went to bootcamp instead. (I saw someone I knew and assumed we were going the same place. Whoops.) Oh well, I still got an hour-long workout with bursts of running. I felt pretty good after.

On Tuesday I did 15 minutes of Jasyoga. My legs were TIGHT.

Part of the workout (on the board). 
Wednesday morning I went to the correct gym class for my TRIBE preview (try before you commit). I felt really good most of way, but got tired during the last sequence. It's a small class so the instructor came over to help me with my form. This was my third group class ever, so I needed all the help I could get! We used kettle balls, weights, and a thing called a ViPR. Fun stuff.

Wednesday night was the free monthly beer run. It was dark and snowy, but it was at Lockhorn cider, which is a nice, cozy place. Amazingly, Alex stayed with me! We ran in a pack with some others and I had such a good time. The trail was a snowy wonderland and the cider after was great.

Lazy dog
Thursday was pretty boring. I did some stretches and we went to our favorite happy hour for a burger, beer, and a free tasting. My legs were suuuuuper sore after Wednesday's workout (lots of squats).

Alex had Friday off for Veteran's Day so I worked in the morning while he went snowshoeing, then we went to Bridger Brewing for lunch and ran some errands. I took an epsom bath because of my raging DOMS. We finished the night with Wonder Woman, which I really enjoyed!

Missing one in the photo, but it was a nice group!
I woke up early Saturday morning for a Oiselle Montana team run. We had a pretty good turnout! We ran 3 miles and because it snowed overnight, the trail snow was pretty deep so we took it nice and slow. We followed the run with a nice breakfast. We're going to make this a monthly thing (open to non-O runners, too), though it looks like next month's run is the same day as a local 5k...

Sunset (looking east) from the cemetery

Alex and I went out to watch the OSU / Michigan State game, then came home and gave Tobias a walk. It was such a lovely day that after we ran errands Alex suggested we walk around the cemetery close to downtown. We wandered around until we came across a large Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. Perfect timing for the holiday.

Sunday morning miles

I woke up early again Sunday to run with Leanne and Wendie. My legs were feeling better and I know rest is best, but I hadn't run with Leanne in ages and wanted to get out with her. We ran on a long dirt road and the views were amazing. Plus, no traffic. I've been looking for a good long run location without cars, mountains, or bears and I think this may be it!

It was so nice to run farther than 3 miles. I'm going to continue to take it easy through November, but I will add a few more runs per week (assuming my hamstring agrees).

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  1. It looks like a winter wonderland there! Does Tobias like the snow? I hope your hamstring continues to improve. I'm dealing with a little issue right now too. It's beyond frustrating! Thanks for linking.


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