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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Weekly Review: Meetups and Missteps

Favorite view from the week (near Emerald Lake)
Happy Tuesday! My wrap-up is a bit late, but I'm still joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup and Courtney's training linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already!

August 21–2
Monday: eclipse hikes at St. Anthony Sand Dunes
Tuesday: 4.2 miles
Wednesday: 3 mi with BSWD
Thursday: 4.2 mi
Friday: 9.4 mi + 4 mi
Saturday: 9.5 mi
Sunday: rest

Total: 34.3 mi
Total elevation: 6,762 ft (Can I get a HOLY CRAP for this elevation!?!?!)

The change in light from before to mid eclipse
Monday included the solar eclipse at the sand dunes. I've lost the ability to describe my feeling of "awe" during totality, but those 2+ minutes were amazing. I'd chase eclipses if I could guarantee cloud-less skies every time.

Tuesday: My only stop was to take this picture
Tuesday was my only true run of the week. I ran 4.2 miles in and around my neighborhood and sped up during the last half mile. It was a good one.

Bear Canyon on the way down.
Wednesday night was another Big Sky Wind Drinkers fun run on a new trail (Bear Canyon). Had I known how runnable it would be, I would have done the 5 miler instead of 3. The elevation was only 400 ft (only! haha! Ohio me is dying) and while I walked up a few steep sections, I maintained a quick-ish trail pace. I was running solo for most of the last mile, then caught a glimpse of a woman up ahead and made it my goal to catch her. I caught up right before the finish.

Learning about birds with my guide 
Thursday was my first of two run/hikes with an out of town Oiselle Volée member who I "know" through Instagram. We went to Sypes Canyon at sunrise (I woke up at 5am! Who am I?!) We stopped along the way for photos and birdwatching (she's legit - she had binocs and a field guide), but it was a pretty good run/hike.

On Friday we got up suuuuper early again and hiked to Emerald Lake. The lake was pretty, trail was well maintained, and we saw more interesting birds. Afterwards, I wanted to do my speedwork. Even though I wasn't exhausted after the trail, my legs must have been tired because my 4 miler was painful. Oh, and I did it at the hottest time of day. Fail!

On the way up Middle Cottonwood
I had an 11 miler Saturday but I wanted to avoid campus (move in) and couldn't find a flat path/road without traffic. Some running folks recommended a rural road with a narrow shoulder that wasn't long enough and a road by the airport. There's got to be something better! (If I'm honest, I miss the long bike paths in Columbus.) Instead, I convinced Alex to summit Saddle Peak via Middle Cottonwood. I figured we'd run a bit up, hike the hard stuff, then I'd run down solo.

Closer to the top -- less green
It didn't quite work out. I had to go back to the car to drop a layer, so I ran an extra mile at the beginning while he continued on. When we got past mile 3 sections were steep and rocky. (I'd recommend hiking boots and not trail running shoes.) We didn't fuel for a big hike, but luckily I brought a ton of snacks... but it still didn't end up being enough. And once we got past 7,000 ft elevation we were very slow. We made it to Little Saddle and called it quits because we were low on water. Bummer.

So close to Saddle Peak. But we had to turn back.
The way down was slow-going because of the loose rock. With a little over 3 miles to go we hit a nice clearing and I split off to run. Just as I was thinking, "It feels so good to run!" I twisted my ankle! It was terrible. I trip on trails a lot and usually shake it off immediately, but this time my vision flashed! It was nuts. I walked for a bit and worked up to a run. Felt ok. Then I twisted it again. I repeated this about 4 more times, never tripping on a rock, but I think my ankle gave out.

Needless to say, I took Sunday off. My ankle was purple and swollen, so I iced and wrapped. As of today (Tuesday) it's still tender, but mostly ok. At least I can walk without much pain!

Checking In 
My half training has kind of flown out the window. (Race is in less than two weeks.) My run/hike frequency is fine, but I'm not sticking to my plan. Runs over 5 miles rarely take place on flat land (where I can run without stopping to walk/hike). I still have no idea what my race pace is and I haven't finished speedwork in eons. Part of me is ready to throw in the towel and just have fun 'til summer is over. Another part is ready to declare a big goal and get to work. And still another part of me wants to wait and see how long/cold winter really is in Bozeman. (I like snow and winter running, so I should be fine. The windchill scares me.)

Oh well. At least I'm still enjoying the trails! Could be way worse.

Did you see the eclipse? 
Have you ever turned around on an ambitious hike? 


  1. Oh my goodness your pictures look beautiful! But then again you're in Montana ...where everything is beautiful! :) We visited Wyoming last summer and did a ton of hiking ...those elevations are no joke! And yes, I made the executive decision on one of our hikes to turn around due to the fact that we were getting way too deep into "active" bear territory. Yikes!

    Take care of that ankle and have fun with the half! You'll be surprised at how much benefit, endurance wise, all of that hiking is doing for you.

    1. Active bear territory is something I also like to avoid getting to deep into! If I don't see another person for a few miles I'll consider turning back. (Or playing music.)

      I hope these hikes are working! Thank you. :)

  2. What spectacular views and trails. Wow!! Gorgeous photos! Loved reading this.

  3. Rest your ankle - I hope it's feeling better. I think it's tricky, not having the flat paved trails you had in OH. I know I'd miss mine for sure.

  4. I miss paved trails. Bozeman keeps putting in wide bike paths, but they don't all connect... yet. I guess it'll be okay in a few years when they're done? ;)


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