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Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekly Review: Good times, tired legs

From Sunday's long run

Happy Monday! Once again, I'm joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup, plus Courtney's training linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already!

Last week was a good one. No hospital visits or (new) migraines. I consider that a win! In addition, I hit my mileage and adhered to "easy" run paces. Maybe a little too easy at times (*cough* walking), but you win some, you lose some.

August 7–13
Monday: 4 mi
Tuesday: 4 mi + 1 mi dog walk
Wednesday: 5 mi (2.8 with BSWD)
Thursday: 5 mi
Friday: rest + 1.4 mi dog walk
Saturday: 3 mi
Sunday: 10 mi + 2.8 mi hike

Total RUN: 31.2 mi
Total RUN elevation: 1,608 ft

Before my 4 miler on Monday I found out I'm the new co-leader of Oiselle Volée in Montana. Volée is the group that allows me to do all sorts of fun things like go to Bird Camp (Michigan and Idaho), visit the Oiselle HQ in Seattle (and participate in a photoshoot!), and meet tons of badass lady runners from across the country. I've never done a post about Volée, but if you have any questions, shoot them my way. There's a team opening this week!

For some reason I did my Tuesday run at 1pm and it was way too hot. I took a walk break at mile 2, then stop/started a lot from 3 to 4. I guess that's one way to slow down my easy runs?

Turnaround point on our Middle Cottonwood run

Wednesday night we went to Middle Cottonwood to join the Big Sky Wind Drinkers. I'm loving their group runs. Every week they have a 1-ish, 3-ish, and 5-ish mile option and meet at different trails around town. This was our first time at Middle Cottonwood. We picked the 3-ish route and had a rocky 666ft (eek!) climb to a beautiful overlook. It was tough (and there was a creek crossing), but I had energy to spare so I ran 2 more miles at home before dark.

Highland Glen
I got up bright and early Thursday to meet two ladies (and a dog) for a run around Highland Glen. It's one of my favorite trails and the ladies took me in a new direction. We ran most of it, but walked some uphills. I probably would have run it too fast and burnt out on my own, so it was nice to have constant conversation to keep it easy.

My legs were tired from back to back trail runs, so Friday was a rest day. Alex and I went on a dog walk in the evening and got caught in the rain. I'm happy to report the return of rain to Bozeman. July was a very dry month.

Not a fan of the haze
On Saturday we went to the REI garage sale where I picked up some BOGO Salomon hiking boots and Keen water shoes. Garage sale items are hit and miss, but both pairs of shoes were in great shape. Afterwards, we ran more errands, then... I can't remember. I ran around 8pm and the wildfire haze was worse than ever. In fact, we'd planned an epic hike Saturday but cancelled due to the smoke. My 3 miler felt fast, but it wasn't. I was just working hard to breathe!

New to me section in Graf Park
Sunday was my long run. I didn't really feel like going, so I decided to take photos at every mile. I made my way towards campus then jumped on some new trails. I got lost around mile 5 and after my gel stop at mile 6 I was not feeling it. I stopped every half mile at least 'til the end of my run. It was more humid than normal and my thighs totally chaffed in my run skirt (bummer). Luckily, the smoke cleared, so it was easy to breathe. I had a really great time, but looking at my Strava data after made me feel a little guilty for stopping so much. I really miss my Columbus training group on weekend long runs. I'd run any distance with friends there to distract me.

About halfway up the M trail
Post long run, Alex and I went to hike the M Trail. It started to rain while we were up there, so we had the trail to ourselves. It was about 800ft of climbing and I kept a good pace considering the 10 miler in the morning. We went to a brewery afterwards and made some (old people) friends at the bar. A good end to the weekend!


  1. No wonder your legs were tired. Great job on your runs!

    1. Most miles since 2016 for sure. I rarely go over 30!

  2. Good job keeping it easy and being smart this week!

    1. Thanks! Hoping these easy runs lead to some fast races.

  3. Congratulations on your new role in Oiselle!!

  4. Great job on your runs! And, congrats on becoming a co-leader for Oiselle!

  5. Clearly, I need to make a visit to Montana. What beautiful sights! Congrats on becoming co-leader for Oiselle Volee!

    1. It is so beautiful here! The past 6 months have been wild. So different from where we used to live! (Ohio)

  6. Wow! Your elevation number sure has changed since you moved. I'm envious of the pretty trails you have at your disposal. The Big Sky Wind Drinkers sounds like a fun group. Although based on the name, you would never know they were runners.

    1. I'm trying to stay over 1,000ft/week (til winter when I stay on flat roads). It's easy if I get out to at least two trails, but it makes for a slow "run" uphill.


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