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Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekly Review: Visitors + Elevation Gains

Sunday at Sypes Canyon
We had visitors last week, so I skipped a weekly recap. Here's a little catch up of the last two weeks. As always, I'm joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup. Be sure to visit the hosts if you haven't already!

July 17-23
Monday: 3.6 mi
Tuesday: 3.3 mi
Wednesday: 2 mi
Thursday: 4 mi + short hike
Friday: 3.8 mi + short hike
Saturday: 3.1 mi + short hike + dog walk
Sunday: 7 mi + dog walk

Total RUN: 27 mi
Total elevation: 515 ft

From a short hike around Hyalite Reservoir with Alex's parents
The main struggle(s) of week 1: slowing down on easy runs. I've started a new training plan and I'm doing a terrible job running easy. I nail the first mile, then speed up so much I'm dead tired before I hit mile 4. Wednesday's 2 miler was supposed to be a 3 mile speedwork of goal pace -10, -20, and -30, but I went out way too fast and did goal pace -15, then -60 (downhill, but still...). Yikes.

The second struggle? Fitting in runs around visitors without seeming anti-social. I managed, but learned I should run early to avoid feeling like an anti social jerk around non-runners.

Yellowstone one Monday
July 24-30
Monday: Yellowstone [separate post]
Tuesday: 4 mi
Wednesday: 3.8 trail miles w/Big Sky Wind Drinkers @ South Cottonwood
Thursday: 3.1 mi w/Oiselle friend
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7.7 trail miles w/new trail friends @ South Cottonwood
Sunday: 7 trail miles w/Alex (~3.5mi solo) @ Sypes Canyon

Total RUN: 25.7 mi
Total elevation: 3,228 mi

Saturday at South Cottonwood with a new running pal
The main struggle of week 2: Cutting runs short due to group plans. After Wednesday we were visitor free and I found myself on a few social runs: one with a running group (went really well, I may join!), a new Oiselle friend (cut short because we ran at the hottest time of the day) and two new trail friends (cut short because of a giant hill before the turnaround).

Sypes Canyon Trail
I hiked/ran with Alex on Sunday. I really wanted to run, but he wanted to test his new trekking poles. For the first 3 miles I'd run flats and downs, then go back with him to hike the steep uphills. We split up after we reached the top and I ran to the car, then back up the trail to find him. It was a fun workout.

Celebrating a great week of elevation!
Week two was great for elevation. I like to keep it over 1,000 ft per week, so clearing 3,000 was stellar. I didn't do speedwork because of the BSWD run, but I think the mountains made up for it...

How do you keep easy runs easy? Any tips or tricks??
Are you in a running group?
Are you able to run when hosting out of town visitors?


  1. I wish I had a trick for keeping easy runs easy. Why is it that the easy days are when you feel the fastest? Lol! Great week of runs!

    1. Exactly! I've tried making my Garmin beep over a certain speed, but it is really annoying. ;)

  2. I test breathing through my nose for keeping runs easy. My (totally arbitrary) rule is that if I can't manage at least 3 deep breaths I'm going too fast.

    1. I'm going to try that tomorrow! Though I hear the smoke is heading our way... (I heard it on facebook and don't know enough about fire season + distance of fires to know if it's true.)

  3. I also struggle with easy runs. The only times I've run "slow and easy" is on Monday after my long run on Sunday. My body is so tired and has no desire to up the pace.

    1. Monday runs are usually slower! I guess if I also go out when it's too hot, that slows me down... but usually to a walk. ;)


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