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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Weekly Review: Social time

One of the views from Saturday's run
First things first: Happy 4th of July!

Second, last week: Yikes. I skipped some miles and this was my lowest elevation since May, BUT I was social! I work from home, so I've met about 4 people here. (Ok, maybe 6.) I tried to work on running slower paces and failed. When I start my training plan (NEXT WEEK) I have to work on slowing down during easy runs!

June 26–July 2
Monday: RUN 3 mile
TuesdayRUN 3.3 mi (shoe demo)
Wednesday: rest
ThursdayRUN 2 mi; Trail Sisters Q&A
Friday: River float
SaturdayRUN 7.2 mi
SundayRUN 4 mi trail run

Total: 19.6 miles / 344 ft

Shoes, beer, free hat, and a meat sandwich
Alex and I went to Bozeman Running Co for their Altra demo on Tuesday night. We ran about a mile in each shoe, though Alex bailed after two and I did the last one solo. I really liked the Torin IQ and regular Torin. For some reason the IQ seemed cushier, but maybe that was mental. I also tried the Lone Peak, which I liked in theory, but my knee hurt at the end of the mile. After the demo we went to the Bogert Park farmer's market (our first time!) and had a giant meat sandwich. A good night!

Thursday's run was fine, but I only had time for a few miles between work and the Trail Sisters Q&A at BRC. The presentation was great. I recently learned about Trail Sisters and it was great to see the founder in real life. Ultra runner Nikki Kimball (Bozeman local) was also there to answer questions. The event was run like a group discussion and we talked about women in sport, trail running, endorsement money for women, advertising, brands we love, etc... It was a fascinating discussion and reminded me of Oiselle. I was really happy when other women brought up Oiselle as an example of a company FOR women. I didn't want to be an annoying superfan. ;)

Along the Madison River
I went on my first river float Friday. One of the 4 people I know here invited me. We had a group of 6 ladies and we tied our floats together and made our way down the Madison River. It took about 2 hours and it was a blast. So relaxing and beautiful. I would love to do it every week! I skipped my run later, mainly because I took a nap, then Alex and I went to dinner and shopping after he got out of work. Oops.

Saturday (video here)
I spent most of Saturday planning our guest room decor (first visitors arrive in two weeks) and didn't run until the heat subsided at 8pm. I had 8 miles on the plan and made it 7.2 before the stormy skies scared me inside. It didn't end up raining, so I really should have finished.

Double rainbow, but luckily no rain
Sunday's run was another late one with storms in the distance. Super windy, but I saw a double rainbow!

Coming up this week:
Missoula Half Marathon on Sunday. I felt pretty terrible at mile 2-3 of my 8 miler Saturday, but by mile 6 and 7 I was flying... so who freakin' knows how Missoula will go. I have no idea what my race pace is these days, so I'll probably just run by feel and avoid looking at my watch. I *hope* I can finish without feeling defeated.

I'm joining Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin's Weekly Wrap linkup and Courtney's training linkup. Be sure to visit both linkups if you haven't already!


  1. That's an interesting run where you get to test the different shoes. I went to an event one time at a running store, sponsored by Brooks. We got the chance to demo a pair for the run...but we pretty much had to pick one pair and go with it, though. It was a great chance to try the shoes, and I did wind up buying them ;-)

    1. Shoe demos back in Columbus were usually one shoe for the entire run. I like being able to run 1 mile loops in different pairs. And I agree: if I like them I will buy them. It's such a good test!

  2. That river float looks SO relaxing. I probably would've fallen asleep out there!

    1. It was so nice! I probably will fall asleep the next time -- now that I know what to expect. ;)

  3. Beautiful storm pictures but I tend to play it safe with weather, too! Rain isn't a big deal... but it's the hail that can really mess a person up :s That shoe testing event sounds like a great time!

    1. Yeah as soon as hail starts or lightning arrives I go inside! Just in case ;)

  4. I really wanted to try the Torins but running was not going to happen for me Tuesday. If I remember right they're the high cushion ones - do they feel tall/platform-y at all?

    1. They are pretty cushioned, but not as tall as the Hoka Cliftons I have. I didn't really notice them while I was running, whereas the Cliftons required a few miles to break-in (to get used to the base).


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