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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Weekly Review: These are my confessions*

*I don't actually like that Usher song (or really know any of the lyrics but that one line)
View from the M trail Saturday - Wildflowers in bloom
May 29–June 4
Monday: RUN 3.1 mile
TuesdayRUN 6.2 mi
WednesdayRUN 3.3 mi
Thursday: HIKE 5.6 mi Lava Lake (1,781 ft) + RUN 1.7 mi
FridayRUN 3.6 mi
SaturdayHIKE 8 mi M/Foothills/Sypes Canyon (3,074 ft) + RUN 1 mile
SundayRUN 5.4 mi

Total Run: 24.6 miles / 479 ft
Total Hike: 13.6 mi / 4,855 ft

After a billion weeks away, I've decided to resume training recaps. I've been running fairly consistently since April, but I'm not following a plan, so it may be a good idea to document what I'm doing in the off chance that this no-plan thing works. (It won't. But it's fun!) I didn't run too many miles and didn't fit in a long run, but I had a fantastic 10k on Tuesday and hiked two relatively challenging trails. I'm also two weeks into an accidental run streak that will, more than likely, stop after I've run the River of No Return 25k.

Sometimes I can't believe we live so close to these trails. This one is a 10 minute drive!
The RONR 25k (which I am so undertrained for it isn't funny) is June 17 and includes a 3,500ft hill (mountain). Since I didn't have time to adequately prepare during our move and trips to Seattle and Columbus, I've been trying to mix in trail runs, downhill training, and longer hikes. My game plan for the race: hike the uphill and make up for it by running the downhill at a fairly quick pace.

Water crossing on the way to Lava Lake Thursday
A few months back I wasn't able to find a good trail 25k training plan. If you have one, please send it my way. A big factor was time. I signed up for the race on a whim before or during our move (I can't exactly recall. I've blocked out a lot of March.) thinking I'd adapt to the elevation/altitude by April. Ha! We're almost three months into Bozeman life and I'm still unable to run more than 2 or 3 miles without stopping at least once. It's definitely getting better, but I don't feel completely acclimated.

I've loved running just to run. I'm not worried about time (I always go too fast) and I'm trying to use runs as a way to explore our new area, but the 25k is a dark cloud on the horizon. I know I can do it because I can hike 15 miles, but I'm mostly worried about taking forever and making my teammates wait. Oh, did I mention this all goes down during Birdcamp Idaho? (And if Birdcamp means nothing to you, come back in a few weeks and read my recap. Also, yes, it's a Oiselle thing.)

Lava Lake
Blah blah blah

Bottom line: I love running in Bozeman, but it's been difficult to go far without jumping on a crazy mountain trail due to a few factors: 1. breathing, 2. lack of long flat trafficless trails, and 3. oh Lordy, the people here are so fit. Someday I'll find a great running group, but until then I'll keep chugging away on my own. I've definitely seen progress, so perhaps this time next year I'll be a complete badass. (Or not.)

Saturday's hike
I want to document one thing because it will probably go away soon: Our Saturday hike up the M/Foothills/Sypes Canyon trail marked the first time in our 10 years together that I AM IN BETTER SHAPE than Alex. I'm not faster. He could still cream me in a 5 or 10k, but I can uphill hike faster and last longer. His desk job is paying off (for me). But alas, he signed up for a gym membership yesterday and has worked out since our hike, so this will be a very short-lived victory. Also, in case you don't know us in real life: I do not actually want him to fail or become unfit. This is more about stroking my own ego. ;)

Anyway, it's time for me to get back to work.

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  1. You guys are amazing. Sounds like Montana's a great place for you to be. With scenery like that, how could you not try to be outside as much as possible? Keep it up! Sending you a long distance hug from Ohio! Give Alex a bro hug for me. Love you guys!

    Andrew Schroeder


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