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Monday, June 12, 2017

Tobias update

As mentioned in my weekly review, Tobias fainted last Friday and we found out he has a significant heart murmur. This morning we went back to the vet for blood work and x-rays.

First things first, today's doctor was much more positive than Friday's. The vet on Friday kept telling me about his dead dog and how this could be the end for Tobias, while today's doctor had a much friendlier manner. She honestly might have meant all of the same things, but her attitude was not so bleak. 

The tests
Tobias's blood work was great (phew) and they showed me his x-rays. His heart is pretty big, as is his liver. Since his blood work is ok she said his liver was likely tied to the enlarged heart. His lungs were good and clear (phew!). He has a partially collapsed trachea, but that's pretty standard for toy breeds and it's only a big deal if it closes more. She said this was probably causing his cough. 

Meds and such
She sent us home with a daily heart med with instructions to monitor him for a week to see how he responds to the medicine before taking him for walks and such. As long as he stays the same or gets better, he'll keep taking the pill. If he gets worse, we'll try something else. The pills run out at the end of July so we have to go back for another visit before then. I like knowing we have another check point down the road. 

She added that the only way to be sure what's happening internally is an echocardiogram. Unfortunately he'd have to see a specialist in Helena or Billings. I guess that's a next step if the pills don't seem to work or if his next appointment doesn't go well. I may get one even if the pills work, just so we have a baseline comparison in the future. 

I suppose the original vet's statement of Tobias having 1 day to 10 years is still true. Just like a human with a heart problem, he could have a heart attack and suddenly die. But today's vet was hopeful we could keep him happy and relatively healthy with medicine and regular check ups. 

Even though we're still in the same boat, I feel better about things. I think the change of vet was good for me. Her positive spin made a huge difference. Plus, he seems back to his normal self today. 

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