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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Goals: Tenacious Ten

This weekend Alex and I are heading to Seattle to run the Tenacious Ten and tour the city for the first time) We booked the race last year and flights were cheaper (and direct) from Bozeman so we decided to stick with it.

Unfortunately, for about a million reasons this trip comes at an inconvenient time. For instance, we haven't moved into our house and most of our stuff is still in storage –including my luggage, cute shoes, and my bathing suit. It's also inconvenient because we don't have any close friends in Bozeman so we have to board Tobias while we're gone; something we've never done. He had a trial night last week and seemed fine, but now he's got the sniffles and I'm running through all of the worst case scenarios.

Most importantly (running wise), our move in March interrupted my training and I've had a hard time figuring out my speed with altitude and elevation. I did the last 6 weeks of a combination of Hal Higdon's 10k Advanced and Intermediate plans, but some runs were a struggle. I killed a 10x400 speedwork session, then bombed a fun run 5k a week later. I have some speed, but in short bursts. I know I'll have this all figured out in a few months for the Missoula Half Marathon, but right now I'm really confused about my pace and expectations.

I thought I'd list my goals since this is my first race in a while and I feel like I've forgotten how to approach it.

A: This is a perfect day where we assume cool temps, low humidity, and extra air from being at sea level. Let's pretend my "altitude training" was worth it. 54:00 or an 8:40 pace.

B: New PR. The old one was set in the middle of another race because I haven't raced a non-trail 10k. 55:06 or an 8:55-ish pace.

C: Under an hour. 9:35 pace.

I'm super bummed because a fit me from 2016 would have killed at least an 8:30 pace. But I've got to be realistic. No burnout! No DNF! Just treat it as a nice tempo training run... Start slow, get faster.

(By the way, even with all my whining, I love Bozeman and I've been enjoying my runs.)

Anyone else heading to Seattle? 

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