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Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekly Review: Bozeman

View from our temporary rental parking lot
I'm back for the Weekly Review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin and I thought I'd do a GIANT recap of our first 8 days in a new city to help me remember what we've done so far.

March 11–19
Saturday: 2.8 mile run 
Sunday: 2 mile run
Monday: Hike (College M Trail)
Tuesday: 3.14 mile run
Wednesday: Hike (Hyalite Canyon), 2 mile run
Thursday: rest
Friday: Hike (Sourdough Canyon Trail), 3 mile run
Saturday: Hike (Drinking Horse Trail)
Sunday: rest

2017 Total (Running): 163.6 miles

Elevation, Acclimation, and Weather
The elevation is about 4,800 ft. Our neighborhood in Columbus was 700 ft, so getting used to the higher altitude took a little while. Besides having to stop during runs, we both took naps in the first half of the week, and got a bit dehydrated. Luckily, we didn't have headaches. Also: the weather has been fantastic! We've been so spoiled with temps in the upper 40s to upper 60s. It's nuts!

First brewery stop
Activities by day
We kicked off our first non-moving day in Bozeman (Saturday) exploring Main Street for brunch (Jam!) and shopping (we found the running store). Afterwards we went on a 3 mile run around our hotel and a nearby pond. We both needed to stop for air and after two miles Alex bailed and I ran back to the hotel alone. Later that night we went to our first brewery for dinner and drinks (Bridger Brewing).

On Sunday we moved into our temporary rental, then went out for shopping and lunch (the Pour House). Later, I explored the neighborhood on foot for 2 miles. What's weird about running here is my paces are exactly the same, but I have to take breaks. One positive: Bozeman itself is very flat. If I want hill training I have to go up in the mountains.

Halfway up the College M Trail
Speaking of mountains, we did our first hike on Monday with the dog. The College M Trail was a steep climb (about 900-1000 ft gain over a mile) and took us to a fantastic view of Bozeman. Before that we went to the bank to get pre-approved for a home loan and try another brunch place (Nova Cafe). That night we went to Montana Ale Works for happy hour.

The pond in our neighborhood park
On Tuesday we finally met our realtor in real life (I've been exchanging emails with her for about a month) and saw 6 condos and houses. We found one we loved and drafted an offer later than afternoon. (We got it, but can't move in until the end of April.) Afterwards I ran 3.14 Pi Day miles. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, but it was a decent run.

The frozen water at Hyalite Canyon
On Wednesday we went to Hyalite Canyon to check out the frozen reservoir. We took the dog and did a mini hike until the snow got too deep and he refused to go on. I don't think he enjoyed that hike as much as Monday's because when we got back to our apartment he refused to go outside! Alex and I went for a run to check out a nearby neighborhood (and the giant houses). It was hard to maintain a faster pace with him but at least it was only two miles. Luckily, he was exhausted after. ;)

Thursday was overcast so I worked on my current freelance project. In the afternoon we checked out a fro-yo place and another brewery (White Dog). Alex went to the running store to scope out the run group while I continued to do work. Glad I didn't go because he said it was a bunch of guys faster than him and one fast girl. Ugh. I wanted low key! The runners said it was abnormally empty because of spring break, so I guess we'll see. I hope it turns out to be a group I can join...

Sourdough Canyon Trail was a bit slushy
On Friday we went back to Main Street to buy postcards, explore book stores, and check out Bagels, Etc for lunch (so good). We also went to the library and got library cards and checked out a few books. I'm currently enjoying Big Little Lies -- the first book I've read in eons! (This move really interrupted my normal reading schedule.) That afternoon we went on another short hike on the Sourdough Canyon Trail, then celebrated St. Patrick's Day at Bozeman Taproom.

Close to the top of Drinking Horse
Saturday kicked off with more freelance work while Alex ran to the storage unit to find stuff. We spent the afternoon hiking Drinking Horse Trail, which was another short but steep climb with a great view of Bozeman. I think it was my favorite trail so far. I can't really imagine running it yet, but at least it was only 2.5 miles. Since we had nature time, we had to follow it up with beer at MAP Brewing.

Yesterday (Sunday) I put the finishing touches on my freelance project while Alex ran errands to prepare for his first day of work. Minus work, it was a lazy day.

Besides freelance, I'll spend this week filing our taxes and spending a lot of time doing boring transition stuff from our old house and setting up new accounts here. I'm really hoping it all calms down soon so I can veg out and soul search before I get another full time job.

All-in-all, it was a very eventful first 8 eight days. I'm so thankful for the great weather and I'm happy to report Bozeman is even better than I expected. I'm happy I agreed to move here. I miss my friends, but I do not miss Columbus. I think this area of Montana is the perfect fit for Alex and I. Every trail mentioned above was less than 30 minutes away (and most only a 10- 15 minute drive). I can't really believe we live in a completely different state, but at the same time it feels like it was meant to be.

Have you ever been to Montana?
Did it snow in your neck of the woods this week?
Unseasonably warm like here?  


  1. Welll this is kind of a creeper comment but I was running on Sourdough trail Friday afternoon and I probably saw you?! Welcome to Bozeman!

    You should look for the Lady Runners: Bozeman group on Facebook. I haven't been able to get to a group run yet but they sound pretty low key!

    1. I absolutely remember seeing you because I was jealous you were running! I think I'll try running the trail sometime when it's not as slushy (or I have better shoes).

      I will check out Lady Runners. Thank you for the tip!

  2. wow! it sounds great getting to know your new city! I know you said next week will be more practical/ boring stuff, but what a way to kick off your first 8 days there.

    I've been through Montana on a road trip once, but I don't think I stopped off there. To be honest it was so long ago , I can't remember!

    No snow here, thank goodness. I'm so over the snow. We had lots of rain and wind and the last few days are springy. I even need to find my sunglasses!!

    1. Before moving here I'd only been one other time in my teens and it was also on a quick road trip. I remember I liked it enough to add it to my "top 10 states" list, but that's about it!

      I am so ready for spring. We had one cold, gray day since being here (Monday) and that was enough for me. Not sure how I'm going to handle the cold, snowy winters! ;)


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