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Monday, February 06, 2017

Weekly Review: Jan 30–Feb 5

Monday night
I'm back for another Weekly Review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. I'm not really training for anything because of our upcoming move, but I had a decent week.

Week January 30–February 5
4.1 miles
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 3.1 miles
Thursday: 3.2 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: 4.4 miles

Total: 24.8 miles
Elevation gain: 482 ft
2017 Total: 99.6 miles

Monday was my first night run in eons. I decked myself out in reflective gear and ran through our neighborhood, then along well-lit streets. My left hamstring was super tight, which kept my pace down, but it was a good run.

Wednesday's dinner. Slow cooker liners are amazing!
Tuesday was a rest day, but Wednesday was a decent 3 miler. I wish it was farther, but the rush hour traffic kind of drove me batty. Too many street crossings = too many stops. Thursdays 3 was a bit of the same, but at least I ran faster.

Friday was my last day of work. I've been at the same place for 11 years and it was time to be done. The past year wasn't very good professionally (I haven't learned anything new), so I'm looking forward to a new challenge in Bozeman... assuming I find one. ;) Anyway, it was a rest day because my work friends and I went out for pizza and beer.

My cookies!
Saturday was a training group run. I was in a terrible mood and wasn't sure I wanted to run 10 miles, but upon arrival I was gifted beautiful cookies and found myself surrounded by friends. I ran with my pal Andrea (among others) and our conversation lifted my spirits. I felt great after the run and I was so happy I went. We went to hang with my dad and step mom after (to get them to try sushi!), so it turned into a great day, but I was exhausted by the end!

Sunday runday.
On Sunday, we went to early lunch with my mom and step dad (trying to get in those last visits before we move - sob). The food was tasty, but once again I was exhausted mid day after being social. After a little down time, Alex and I packed more donations, cleaned a few rooms, and eventually went out for a run. The weather was amazing (50º), so we had to take advantage! It was a fast run for me (8:19 pace - and that's with a slower solo mile!), so I felt pretty accomplished by the time we turned on the Super Bowl. I was mainly interested in the commercials and Lady Gaga, but what an exciting game it turned into! I suppose I was rooting for the Falcons, but just because I always root for the underdog.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?


  1. Sounds like a great week! I just watched the half time show!

    1. A good week for sure -- and that halftime show was awesome! I'm so happy she sang live!

  2. Sounds like a great week! Best of luck with your upcoming move!

  3. I'm not a Gaga fan. I have nothing against her but it's just not my type of music. WOW did she do awesome in the half time show!! I know you'll feel a little sad with the move, but it's an exciting new chapter in your life. I'm very curious to see your elevation number after your move. I'm sure it won't take long to meet new running friends. Thanks for linking, Elizabeth.


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