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Sunday, December 11, 2016

ORRRC Week 4: First (real) snow

Sunday's snow
Hello again. It's time for the Weekly Review linkup with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. I'm training for about a dozen races, but concentrating on a half on April 9. You can see my schedule here

Week of Dec 5-11
Monday       walk to work
Tuesday       4 miles (#5Weeks2TTC)
Wednesday walk to work + 2.5 miles (#5Weeks2TTC)
Thursday    6 miles
Friday         rest 
Saturday     3.1 miles
Sunday        5 miles

Total (running) miles: 20.7 miles
Elevation gain:  361 ft
2016 total:  927 miles

Alysia coached by Molly for Week 2, workout 2
Tuesday was an after work #5Weeks2TTC session. Week 2's coach is Molly Huddle and she prescribed a 3 mile threshold (20-30 seconds slower than goal 5k pace), rest, 2 x 400 faster than 5k pace. I felt sluggish, but motivated during this run. My goal pace is 7:50-7:55 and my mile splits were 8:24, 8:27, 8:06. I did both of my 400s on a straight path (1:48) and finished with a short cool down for 4 miles total.

Wednesday: We look like we're wearing lipstick. It was so c-c-c-cold we took this in the car. 
On Wednesday night Alex and I went to the nearby track. Molly's second workout sounded a bit too tough for my tired legs, so I swapped it for the third workout: 10 x 400m faster than 5k pace with a 100m rest. I jogged the first rest, but Alex hates jogging (hurts his shins), so we walked the rest - which worked out because our walks were almost 1:1 with the time it took for the 400s. By the way, he had a cold this week and didn't really feel like running and stayed with me for every 400. I appreciated the company! I got faster as we went and my times were between 1:46 and 1:56 (7:06-7:46 pace) which is in line with my goal. We even dropped into the upper 6s on the last 200m of the final lap. Whew! My legs were super tired after.

First, I had a typo. Ahhh. Second, I'm talking to an Olympian!! Third, Kara Goucher also favorited my tweets.

Thursday was a lovely surprise. In the morning I walked halfway down my street, said, "no way" and turned back to grab my car. It was so cold I couldn't fathom walking to work, let along running after. I decided to take it "easy" and forced myself to get dressed and out the door. It was almost dark, so I wore a reflective jacket, and two blinky lights. It was cold enough to warrant mittens, a face Buff, a hat and ear wrap, but by the end of mile 1 I felt great. It was one of those runs where you want to keep going forever. Around mile 5 it was too dark for me to be running without a headlamp, so I made my way home. Cars could see me, but I could no longer see the cracks and bumps in the sidewalk. Regardless, a fantastic run.

Friday was a rest day. We went out for dinner then watched Blast From the Past. (ha)

Bad photo, great meal.
Alex had a haircut Saturday morning, so I tagged along to run errands. I was on a mission to buy one last thing for my Oiselle secret Santa, but the prices were too high for the limit. Regardless, I had a nice and peppy 3 mile run in "feels like" 13º. I would have continued on, but Alex's haircut didn't take long. Afterwards, we went produce shopping, made an excellent dinner, then went to a beer tasting with a showing of Christmas Vacation.

A little bit of snow, a frozen pond, and a glowing greenhouse.

Sunday was LAZY. I wrapped Christmas presents while watching How to Be Single (meh). After a slow afternoon, I finally ran around 4pm. It was 35º (warmer than Thursday thru Saturday), but there was a bit of half melted snow on the ground. There was also freezing rain, so it was a little slippery. Regardless, I intended to run 3 and ended up with 5 before dark. Not bad.

I didn't have a long run this week, but I think the chilly weather brought out my best. My paces were speedy and I added miles to runs. I hope this continues as I build milage. My training group resumes next week and I'll be in a new pace group. We'll see how it goes. I've enjoyed solo runs!

Do you do speed work on a track or road? 
Did it snow where you live?


  1. It does look cold by those lips! I though Alex just had a new shade he was trying out? lol No track near me, I sure wish I had access to one and I'm thinking it's a good thing MS hasn't had snow yet. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Wow at your speedy paces this week. Molly's workout sounds very challenging too. I don't go to a track but I do have an oval path in the park that I use for speedwork -- not often enough. I love the snowy pic of the greenhouse. It reminds me of the Frosty the Snowman cartoon. Doesn't he melt in one? LOL. Thanks for linking, Elizabeth!

    1. Cold weather definitely brings out my speedier side. Hope I can channel it into races! I was just talking about how morbid Frosty the Snowman is, but couldn't remember the end. I hope it's on soon!

  3. speedy indeed! great, fun week! Hope you found your secret santa gifts!


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