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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DIY Inspiration: 8 Paper Punch Projects

A note to newer readers (runners): les plus beauxx started as a craft blog. I lost my crafty way when my full time job became more creative and I didn't need an artsy outlet. While I'm not quite ready to get back to it, I've been hoarding a lot of DIY links and future projects. Throughout 2016 I intend to post a few of these inspirational round-ups. Let's get started.

Today, I give you easy crafts using hole punches. Some of the following are step-by-step tutorials, but a few are links to completed projects that can serve as DIY inspiration.

Around the web
  1. Paper punch heart garland via DIY Crafty Projects 
  2. Circle punch art via You Are My Fave
  3. Heart confetti made from a romantic novel via Etsy seller ddeforest
  4. Washi tape stickers via rangirangi
  5. Valentine's card using flower punch via me
  6. Hexagon bling art via Tara Dennis 
  7. Painted circles wall art via Pretty Designs
My own examples
I wish I had better photos, but I've made several circle punch garlands for my wedding and parties. I used a large circle punch for the main circle and added two small holes on opposite sides of the circle. I then used fishing line to string my circles and create the garland. For my wedding strands I added a bead at the end to weigh them down. Here's a great tutorial from Splendry. 

Left: our wedding tent, Right: Halloween

I highly recommend paper punch projects. Not only are they foolproof, but they are mildly therapeutic and can dress up any space or party.  

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