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Thursday, January 14, 2016

January: Life Currently...

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I skipped December because I figured you guys knew what I was up to via Weekly Review, Friday Five, my Year of Running, and my books of 2015. I'm back with January. Feel free to join in.

Reading Jackaby, which I won on Goodreads. It appears to be a paranormal historical mystery and potentially YA. So far, so good. I also have books in at the library, so I need to get crackin'.

Listening to my Youtube playlist of guilty pleasures, Undisclosed podcast (meh), and I've pretty much abandoned Serial Season 2. I'm getting ready to start Mindy Kaling's new book. I didn't love her first one so I'm hoping the audiobook version will help.

Watching Nothing in particular. We're in between shows and I'm not following anything new, but somehow still find myself in front of the TV on a nightly basis. Hmmm....

Wearing As many layers as possible.

Eating + Drinking Trying to get back into making more food and eating out less. One of my resolutions is to use up my nice stuff, so I'm slowly making my way through my stash of fancy tea.

Exploring Routes and trails near my house. I don't like running in my neighborhood very much and can't do it at night (no lights or sidewalks), so I've been venturing out.

Making logos, stickers, patches, and postcards. I don't normally do print design, so this is interesting. I still prefer web.

Feeling content. I have a long list of to-dos, but it's manageable. Also, I really think my run streak (day 74) has made me happier and more laid back. Weird!

Planning I'm making a list of races in the upcoming months but I can't book anything for mysterious reasons... to be revealed soonish. (It's not a baby. Gross.)

Wishing for sunshine and warmth, but snow is cool, too. Wish I could curl up and read all day. Or get a jolt of super productivity and clean out my whole house.

Loving the snow this week. If it's going to be cold, it might as well snow! I'm also loving track workouts. No, not really speed work... just workouts that happen to be on a track.

Looking forward to the Broke Man's Winter Warm Up this weekend. I'm an ambassador so I'll be helping with packet pickup and set up. Plus, I get to run the 7 miler! Hoping to score a fleece lined buff, too. Unless I'm really feeling it, this will be treated as a training run.

You can view past months here.

How is your month so far?


  1. I'm looking forward to watch the new PBS show, Percy. Oooh... I wonder what your mysterious reason is :)

    1. I don't know about the PBS show Percy! I will look out for it. (We watch a lot of PBS.) I hope we know more about the "mystery" in the next two weeks. I want to be able to plan races again! I did book the Midwest birdcamp, so at least I have one running trip to look forward to. :)


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