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Monday, December 28, 2015

Year of Running 2015

2015 medals (click to enlarge)
I'm linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run for the Year of Running linkup. I was going to hold off until I hit my year-end milage, but I figured I'd better write it sooner than later!

+ 800 miles! My original goal was to beat last year's 550. I had no idea I'd go over by so much!
+ I participated in 18 races and received 16 medals. I also got a medal for running 100 miles this summer. My favorite medal is from Medina, followed by Emerald City. My race breakdown:

3 Miler: 1
5K: 4
4 Miler: 2
5 Miler: 1
10K: 5
Quarter marathon: 1
Half marathon: 4

I set a bunch of PRs in the last half of 2015 including 5K (unofficial), 10K (ran my first non-trail 10K), 4 mile, 5 mile, quarter marathon (new distance), and half marathon.  

New things in 2015:
Oiselle jersey = half PR
  1. Oiselle VolĂ©e: Not only is it an awesome team to be a part of (inspirational female runners of all speeds and distances), but I also started wearing a lot more Oiselle. Durable and stylish. 
  2. Run streak: I began my current run streak on November 2 with Oiselle's #chasethebird challenge (my recap), continued into the Runner's World Run Streak, and now I'm up to day 57. I have no doubt it's made me a faster and more confident runner. Prior to the streak, my fastest mile was 8:11. Now I'm down to 7:36! 
  3. Linkups: I started participating in Friday Five earlier this year and have recently joined the Weekly Review ladies on Mondays. Linkups are a great way to find new blogs and push yourself to update. 
  4. Scavenger Hunts: I did two #RunChatHunts in 2015. I haven't won anything (yet?), but it makes long runs more interesting.
  5. Instagram: Taking photos helped me appreciate the beauty along my normal routes and motivated me to try new trails.  

Now, on to the official questions... 
Best race experience: By far, Loveland Half Marathon. I went into the race not knowing what to expect after my first fall half was black flagged. I prepared three goals and ended up surpassing my expectations and knocking 6 minutes off my PR (set on the same course). To quote Forrest Gump: "I just felt like running."

Best run: I had some great training runs, including my first ever 14 miler. But my best run isn't one that felt amazing or easy. Instead, I chose the Turkey Trot because I set a 5 Miler PR by 6 minutes while redeeming my 2013 experience by finally getting a pumpkin pie! The last 1.5 mile was uphill and super tough. I wanted to walk, but I persevered and earned that darn pie!

Best new piece of running gear: Probably my Toolbelt Rogas (see Turkey Trot photo). I cannot get enough of the waistband pockets.

Best running advice you’ve received this year: At the beginning of the year I liked the mantra "Just keep running." but it stopped working so I started to "run the mile [I was] in." My current mid-race meltdown avoider is "The faster you run, the faster you're done." ;) I think my sister said it to me once. Easier said than done, but it keeps me from walking. Plus, it's a nice, rhythmic thing to repeat internally when you're brain dead.

(Sorry, it's a proof.)
Most inspirational runner: I've turned to Instagram for inspiration on mornings when I don't want to get up and run. Instead of boring fitness accounts, I follow people who balance work, running, and fun. Some of my favorite runners from 2015: Courtney, ChelseaCecilia, Jennifer, Tara, and Sun.

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: Cap City was terrible, but man don't Alex and I look cute? (By the way, he bought a print of this photo for Christmas without any prompting from me!)

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: Loveland. Always.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Fun. I've had really exciting year, especially this last part.

Goals for 2016:
  1. A new 5K PR.
    My latest unofficial PR was set at the beginning of the Turkey Trot 5 Miler (26:02). I had enough energy for two more miles, so I'm sure I can go faster. 
  2. A sub 2 half.
    Eek am I really setting this?? I don't think it will happen in February (Florida = heat and I'm not a warm weather runner), but if I can get back to Loveland in the fall I think it can happen! My current PR is 2:02:23.  
Phew. Ok, I'm finally done. Thanks for making it this far through my Year in Review!

Did you participate in the linkup? 
How was your 2015? Have you set any goals for 2016?

Eat Pray Run DC

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  1. So glad you joined Oiselle! And thanks for the love. 2016 is the year of sub2! We can do this!!!


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